Honouring the Lineage
On September 7th and 8th we will celebrate Swami Radha and our Saraswati lineage. This special time also marks the 20th year since Swami Radha’s passing into Light. We hope you can join us! In anticipation of the celebration, we … Read more » Read more »

Working with Trust
After working with the Ashram for years as a select tree faller, Riondel resident James Linn speaks of building a relationship based on mutual trust. If I hadn’t moved down the road 16 years ago, I wouldn’t even know what … Read more » Read more »

Bridging Spiritual Communities
A California Outreach excursion by Swami Matananda in May created a meaningful bridge between two spiritual communities that Robert Phelps calls home. With ties to Swami Radha and Yasodhara Ashram dating back to 1972, Robert wanted to connect the Ashram … Read more » Read more »

Online Art Auction
Join us for our first-ever online art auction! Thanks to the generosity of artists and craftspeople, 18 unique pieces are on offer. See the items online and start your bidding. It’s easy! If you are in the East Shore area, … Read more » Read more »

Hospitality Internship
The Yasodhara Ashram Hospitality Internship is intended for individuals who want to learn how to oversee housekeeping in a large community; how to manage ordering and supplies; how to be a team leader and to learn about the practice of … Read more » Read more »

Envisioning Your Inner Temple – May 2015 Pracitce Guide Audio
Swami Lalitananda speaks at the May 1 Annual General Meeting about the Temple as “a vision and a metaphor.” Read more »

Being Myself
Linda Funk will be leaving the Ashram at the end of April after two fulfilling years. Known for her welcoming presence in the Ashram Bookstore and her talent for design, colour and sewing, Linda is taking with her a new … Read more » Read more »

Ideals – March’s Personal Practice Guide
Determining and putting your ideals into action provides a firm foundation for your life. Click here to explore the theme of ideals with these reflections from the Yasodhara Yoga Calgary group. Read more »

Making the Most of the Present
Shannon Clarke first came to the Ashram at age four and subsequent visits chronicle significant stages in her 28-year life. She returned this February for the fifth time to listen to her heart and clarify her next steps. I’m going … Read more » Read more »

Expressions of Light – Newsletter Issue 12, 2014
Expressions of Light Issue 12, 2014 As I write, we’re just days away from winter solstice – the deepest darkness, which is also the tipping point to growing light. Dark and light interplay and this has been a year for … Read more » Read more »