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Our guided yoga retreats, self-guided retreats, intensive courses and selfless service stays support healing, personal growth and self-development. Spiritually we offer a focus on Light and the Divine Feminine, much-needed in our world today. Please note that we are only open to guests who have made an advance reservation.
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  • Podcast #8

    “Faith can be cultivated and increased by practicing devotion because devotion gives purification. Devotion is a selfless act. It cultivates the emotions towards sincerity, true giving and selflessness.” – Swami Radha In this episode, Katie Taher interviews Swami Lalitananda, current president and spiritual director of the Ashram. She discusses her intuitive connection and love for Swami Radha and how she was challenged, supported and encouraged by Swami Radha to pursue her devotion towards the Divine. Swami Lalitananda reflects on the question, What is devotion? and how holding the Light is a joy and a pleasure. We hope you enjoy this interview with Swami Lalitananda. This episode can be streamed at Spotify, iHeart Radio, Amazon Music or YouTube.

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