Programs For Professionals

It seems we have separated our ‘work life’ from our ‘regular life’, so that meaningful time begins after work or on the weekends. But given we spend so much of our precious time at work, how can we bring more meaning, purpose and energy into our professional lives. In our online and in-person programs, designed especially for professionals, you will find your own meaning of harmony and sense of well-being.

The spiritual practices we offer will align you so that no matter what job you are doing from nursing clients, teaching children, or running a business, you can find fulfillment and peace.

Online Course

Peace of Mind for Professionals Online
Saturdays, April 6 – June 15 &
Fridays, September 20 – November 22

Whether working from home or in an office or other setting, you meet challenges – balancing work and life, working with your boss or colleagues, adapting and adjusting to constraints and navigating your way through the uncertainties of economic, political, environmental and social change. The tasks you are asked to do may also raise integrity questions for you. Where is your life or career taking you? What is the right direction?

Working with a group of motivated professionals, Swami Sukhananda will guide you through practices. Discussions will help you to identify practical approaches to meet your own unique circumstances. This highly expert approach is supported by a deep understanding of human consciousness, the body-mind connection, and the ancient wisdom of the yoga sutras. It will give you skills and practical techniques to support a positive approach toward achieving your goals.

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To see if this is the right fit for you, contact Swami Sukhananda for a conversation.

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In-Person Retreat

Resilient Professionals: Nurturing Peace in a Fast-Paced World Retreat In-Person at the Ashram May 9-14

This retreat is especially for those balancing work, family, social and spiritual life. Its purpose is to give you space to slow down, stretch, relax and listen within. How can you navigate your way through the uncertainties of change? Where is your life or career taking you? What is your direction? Give yourself time to access your own wisdom, acknowledge where you are at, and become more conscious of your choices. The individual insights you gain can immediately apply in your life and career.

Join our dynamic team, teachers Swami Sukhananda and Alicia Pace (bios below). Their decades of experience in unfolding human potential and supporting individuals in their growth and healing will create a spacious, nourishing and uplifting retreat.

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Dates: Saturdays April 6 – June 15 & September 20 – November 22, 2024

Duration: 10 weeks of online study plus 8 monthly followup sessions.

Time: Weekly 2 hour sessions 10:30 am – 12:30 pm PDT/PST (monthly sessions 1.5 hours)


  • Group discussions and practices in weekly live sessions
  • Occasional one-on-ones with your instructor
  • Assignments to follow, with flexibility to fit your lifestyle
  • Additional independent self-access materials


  • Greater freedom that comes with self-mastery
  • Skillful application of your personal goals and ideals
  • Meditation and stretch techniques
  • A more positive approach to life
  • Greater peace of mind

Language: English

Platform: Unwind at the end of your week in a calm space, via Zoom

Limit: 12 participants

Fees: The regular price for this course is $1800 CAD (or 3 installments of $600 CAD). Or If you are financially able, you may want to consider the Pay it Forward price of $2300 CAD, which supports our bursary program. A donation receipt for tax purposes for $500 CAD is available for the Pay it Forward price. Or you may inquire about the availability of a bursary of up to $800.

Eligibility: Professionals in any sector who are committed to their growth and development, including those considering continuing professional development funding from their organization. You will begin with a conversation with Swami Sukhananda to explore your goals and expectations.

This retreat is an intimate experience with like-minded participants and includes morning Hidden Language Hatha Yoga, daily workshops, a taste of Karma Yoga, reflection time, satsang each evening, three nourishing farm-to-table meals daily and time to explore our beautiful forests, beaches and grounds.


  • Hope, renewal, relaxation and inspiration – enabling you to help yourself and offer inspiration to others.
  • Self-knowledge, confidence
  • Connection with your inner wisdom and knowing
  • Skills to listen compassionately to yourself and others.
  • Feeling of sacredness in the earth and yourself.


Single Features

  • Spacious comfortable room
  • Shared bathroom with one other person
  • Single $1598
  • Ensuite Single $1894 (Contained bathroom)

Double Features (price for two – family only)

  • Spacious comfortable room with lake view
  • Shared bathroom with one other person
  • Double $2392
  • Ensuite Double $2657 (Contained bathroom)

Your stay includes accommodation, tuition and three meals per day. You will be staying in our cozy, well-appointed rooms within walking distance to the Temple of Light and Mandala House and all amenities. Arrive between 2-5pm on May 9th in time for dinner and program introduction. Retreat ends evening of May 14th. Depart at 10am after breakfast on the morning after your last retreat day. All this for as low as $269 per day.

Teacher for Peace of Mind for Professionals and Resilient Professionals: Nurturing Peace in a Fast-Paced WorldSwami Sukhananda (Dr Jayne Boys) was formerly an adviser to governments on sustainability, environmental and organizational issues. She first met Swami Radha in 1988 and was deeply moved by her experience. Sukhananda now lives and teaches yoga at Yasodhara Ashram and in Europe. She is a historian whose articles about Swami Radha’s work have appeared in British and North American yoga magazines. While enjoying the beauty of the Ashram, she is inspired by witnessing the progress participants make during their online sessions. “The transformative effects of the meditation practices and the reflective and discussion processes have adapted so effectively online. It is wonderful to have this opportunity to support professionals navigating the challenges of their daily lives.”

Teacher for Resilient Professionals: Nurturing Peace in a Fast-Paced World

Alicia Pace holds a Masters in Human Systems Intervention, is a professional coach and a certified Yasodhara Yoga teacher. She has over 19 years experience in organizational development and has participated in Ashram life and learning from her child years through to present day. She is the former publisher of Ascent magazine, founder of Pace Consulting and co-created the Decelerator course that bridges work-life with yogic/spiritual practice.