You can make a real difference to individuals and in the world by supporting our goal of being a beacon of hope and light.

Although you may not have realized it, your experience at the Yasodhara Ashram was supported by the generosity of many people who came before you. Their financial gifts made it possible to build and maintain our physical space, to run our programs and to ensure we could provide for our guests and residents with the nourishment and tools they need to do their own inner work. The generous spirit of our donors shines through in everything we do at the Ashram.

Making a financial donation to the Ashram is a wonderful way to demonstrate your sacred intention to support the spiritual development of others. For many, giving back is a continuation of their strong desire to share the Teachings. We often see the joy in the hearts of our guests when they bring their friends, children and grandchildren to the Ashram. We recognize the warm generosity of spirit in their invitation and encouragement toward their loved ones. And we appreciate every financial gift.

What to Support

Temple of Light &
Rejuvenation Fund

Your support will go toward rejuvenating, rebuilding and maintaining the physical structures that hold our practices and programs – where participants learn, stay, eat and retreat. Now over 50 years old, many of the Ashram’s buildings are understandably in need of rejuvenation. Of first priority is completing the new Temple of Light through landscape design. Renewing the disturbed land will set the Temple in context, supporting a sense of peace, harmony and sacred ground. To learn more about the Temple of Light click here.

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Yasodhara Ashram
Sustainability Fund

Sustainability means many things. At Yasodhara Ashram it is both in our practices as a model for sustainable living, as well in our goal to be a viable organization for generations to come. By designating your donations to the Sustainability Fund you will support projects and programs that lead to our current and long-term sustainability goals. You can also choose to have your funds allocated to the Swami Radha Memorial Fund, which will ensure your gift continues to support the Ashram in perpetuity.

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Learning & Outreach

Participants often describe their time at the Ashram as transformational. Courses help people of all ages and backgrounds to courageously face their personal transitions as well as serious global challenges. By supporting the Learning & Outreach Fund you will directly contribute to building stronger, healthier communities – one participant at a time. Funds support scholarships for young adults, on-going training for teachers who offer their expertise in the spirit of selfless service, and global outreach.

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General Fund

Over its 53-year history, Yasodhara Ashram has operated on the principle of renunciation – buying what we need when we need it, without overconsumption. When you designate your support to the General Fund you allow the Ashram to determine where your gift will have the greatest impact. As you can imagine, needs change with time and circumstance. This fund gives the Ashram the flexibility that is required to address needs as they arise and ensure that the quality of our programming remains of the greatest possible quality.

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(US donors click here to donate via the ADHP, our US sister society.)

Ways to Give

A One-time Donation
Every donation makes a real difference to our work. Please call 800.661.8711 anytime or click here to make your gift now.

Monthly Donation
These consistent donations support ongoing expenses and also help us plan for the future. Click here and select “monthly” when indicating donation amount.

Committed Donation Over Time

You can designate an annual amount to help ensure we can plan well for the future. For example, you might choose to pledge $5,000 over a five-year period, or $100 a month for one year. We can help you plan and administer your gift. Please contact Swami Samayananda.

Corporate Donations
Many businesses will match your donation to a charity.

Raise funds for the Ashram
Choose an Ashram project you would like to support and invite your friends and family to join in. We have created an easy-to-use platform for you to use.

Transfer of shares or insurance policies

You can also donate shares in a company or a life insurance policy that you no longer need, either now or in your Will. Donating securities is the most tax-effective way to support the Ashram and reduce your tax bill. When you donate securities directly, capital gains are not subject to tax. The Ashram receives a larger gift and you can claim the full value as a tax credit. Please contact Swami Samayananda.

Legacy Gift

Extending your financial support beyond your own lifetime will help the Ashram continue to be a spiritual home for many more seekers, for many years to come. It’s easy to add a gift to the Ashram in your Will. We would be delighted to work with you and your family, as well as any legal representatives. If you are planning to make a legacy gift, please let us know. In turn, we promise to steward your generosity in a way that honours your spiritual decision to share your experience of the Teachings with others.

Past legacy gifts have allowed the Ashram to add a 3rd residence at Yasodhara Heights and to help reduce our energy consumption by installing photovoltaics and geothermal heating at the new Temple.

These are just a few ideas. We can help customize your gift to suit your intentions. Please contact Swami Samayananda for more information or assistance.

And thank you for considering this important contribution to Swami Radha’s Teachings and the life of the Ashram.