5 Day Guided Retreats - Awake, Heal, Liberate

We genuinely care for your well-being so we have designed shorter stay retreats that offer tools to empower, wake up, think deeply, explore and learn. The depth and rich array of our practices will free your hearts and offer you the healing you require. Our 5 day Guided Retreats embody our 8 main Yasodhara Yoga practices - authentic, integrative teachings to apply to your life in a meaningful and lasting way.

We welcome you. We are here to support you on your journey.

  • Hope, renewal, relaxation and inspiration - enabling you to help yourself and offer inspiration to others.
  • Self-knowledge, confidence
  • Connection with your inner wisdom and knowing - your Divine nature
  • Feeling of sacredness in the earth and yourself.
  • Skills to listen compassionately to yourself and others.

Each retreat is an intimate experience with like-minded participants and includes morning Hidden Language Hatha Yoga, daily workshops guided by senior Ashram teachers, a taste of Karma Yoga, reflection time, satsang each evening, three nourishing farm-to-table meals daily and time to explore our beautiful forests, beaches and grounds.

2024 Retreats

July 21-26 Moving into Stillness: Deep Relaxation and Healing

Relaxation offers the possibility of becoming still, softening and opening. The healing benefits – physically, emotionally and mentally – can be profound. Awareness expands bringing the Light of wisdom and understanding. The focus for this retreat includes guided relaxation, meditation and asana as well as tools to help you open to your own personal symbolism

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August 11-16 Living from Love: Tuning Into Your Heart’s Message

“The Heart is symbolic for the centre of our spiritual being–limitless compassion and knowledge beyond the intellect.” Swami Radha

The ground of the Heart is where we can open to inspiration and understanding. In this retreat, we offer practices of reflection, mantra, visualization, silence and breath to deepen a connection to the inner source of love. By listening and becoming receptive to your still, small voice, you can invite healing that clears the way for finer feelings like gratitude and compassion. What does your heart say? And how can listening to its messages improve your relationships–first to yourself, then to those around you?

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August 25-30 Power of Presence

What does it mean to be present to the best in yourself, to be open and receptive to intuition and insights beyond everyday-mind? How do you build the bridge to the Divine and then live that inspiration in your daily life? Explore the power of presence through visualization, journaling and breath. This retreat includes our signature workshop, the Straight Walk--a practice of bringing awareness to every step you take in order to see where you are now and where you want to go.

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September 22-27 Opening to Compassion

"You can cultivate the positive attributes of kindness and love by laying a strong foundation of understanding of your own life." Swami Radhananda

Being compassionate towards ourselves, those around us and the world requires the willingness and courage to be kind-hearted. How do you live an ideal of compassion in a world that seems to express so much of the opposite? How can you deepen your understanding so kindness and concern can grow? Using practices of visualization, meditation and breath, experience the gift of an open heart.

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Cost and accommodation

You will be staying in our cozy, well-appointed rooms within walking distance to the Temple of Light and Mandala House and all amenities. Arrive between 2-5pm in time for dinner and program introduction. Retreat ends evening of final day. Depart at 10am after breakfast on the morning after your last retreat day. Your stay includes accommodation, tuition and three meals per day.
All this for as low as $269 per day.

Reconciliation Fund
Your stay will include a $25 contribution (added to your invoice) toward The Reconciliation Fund initiated January 1, 2022. The collected money will be donated to a First Nations non-profit organization. These contributions, together with offerings from Ashram residents, will be given with the sincere intention to help right past injustices. All who visit or live at Yasodhara Ashram are on the beautiful but unceded territory of First Nations peoples, and we want to take meaningful action and give something back for this privilege.

Indigenous Bursary Program
The bursaries (for three different programs) are open to all First Nations, Métis and Inuit peoples, with a special invitation to the Ktunaxa and Sinixt peoples on whose unceded territory the Ashram is located. To apply, please fill out this form: Bursary Application or for more information, please contact us here.

(See our Cancellation Policy.)


See Health & Safety protocols.

Information Sessions

All times PST/PDT.

Pricing & Accommodation

Single Features

  • Spacious comfortable room
  • Shared hall bathroom
  • Single $1348
  • Ensuite Single $1554(Contained bathroom)

Double Features (price for two - family only)

  • Spacious comfortable room with lake view
  • Shared hall bathroom
  • Double $1892
  • Ensuite Double $2157(Contained bathroom)