Give yourself two glorious weeks to be held in our supported sacred space of self-discovery. Expand your understanding of who you are and who you want to be with this guided two-week program.

Enjoy our beautiful natural surroundings and spacious accommodations while exploring the teachings of Yasodhara Yoga.

This course – based on our former signature 10 Day Yoga Journey – offers practices that support your personal and spiritual development. Instruction is given in a variety of traditional yoga and meditation practices such as mantra and visualization combined with in-depth self-development courses such as Life Seals, Dream Yoga and the Hidden Language of Hatha Yoga. All courses include writing and reflection, a practice that inspires students to bring forward their own inner wisdom.

Participants of all levels are welcome. Space is limited!

What You Will Gain

  • A healthier mind and body
  • An authentic yoga practice
  • Access to your inner wisdom
  • Skills for life transitions
  • Tools to create more meaning, joy & relaxation
  • A deeper connection and reflection within yourself
  • A sense of renewed enthusiasm for life

What You Will Learn

  • Traditional yoga and meditation practices
  • A deep understanding of Karma Yoga
    (learn to love all work)
  • Powerful practices that will support your day-to-day life
    (mantra, breath, visualization)
  • Signature Yasodhara Yoga courses
    (Dream Yoga, Life Seals, Hidden Language of Hatha Yoga)

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Information Sessions

To Learn more please sign up for any of our free online information sessions where senior teachers will answer your questions and let you know more about this retreat.


Fully vaccinated participants can enter directly into the on-site program. If you are unvaccinated or partially vaccinated, come ahead for a one-week Restorative Retreat as part of your 10-day quarantine. The remaining three days of quarantine will include your entry into the Yoga Journey.

What People Are Saying

What Are The Costs

We make conscious decisions in creating retreats that are enriching and educational but also affordable. With your stay, you will have comfortable, clean surroundings to rest, three incredibly prepared meals a day (many preserves coming from our organic garden and produce that is locally sourced), the benefits of our long-standing teachings, the support and engagement of our community, and the free beauty from Gaia herself – we are gifted with the most breathtaking vistas here in the Kootenays. All this starting at $175/day!

Additional stays can be arranged before or after your Yoga Journey. If you are interested in exploring this possibility, please let us know when you complete the registration form.

Reconciliation Fund – Your stay will include a $25 contribution (added to your invoice) toward The Reconciliation Fund initiated January 1, 2022. The collected money will be donated to a First Nations non-profit organization. These contributions, together with offerings from Ashram residents, will be given with the sincere intention to help right past injustices. All who visit or live at Yasodhara Ashram are on the beautiful but unceded territory of First Nations peoples, and we want to take meaningful action and give something back for this privilege.

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Where You Will Be Staying

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Single Features

  • Spacious comfortable room
  • Shared bathroom with one other person
  • Single $2450
  • Extra week: $800 (4 hours of karma yoga)
  • Extra week: $1114 (2 hours of karma yoga)

Double Features

  • Spacious comfortable room with lake view
  • Shared bathroom with one other person
  • Double (based on double occupancy) $3850
  • Extra week: $1545 (4 hours of karma yoga)
  • Extra week: $1704 (2 hours of karma yoga)


Single Ensuite Features

  • Beautiful upgraded room with lake view
  • Single $2870
  • Extra week: $1060 (4 hours of karma yoga)
  • Extra week: $1349 (2 hours of karma yoga)

Double Ensuite Features

  • Beautiful upgraded room with lake view
  • Double (based on double occupancy) $4382
  • Extra week: $1816 (4 hours of karma yoga)
  • Extra week: $2130 (2 hours of karma yoga)