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If you’re driving to the Ashram, we invite you to share a ride with another Yasodhara guest. Ride-sharers take responsibility for any arrangements made through this board. Please note that any information you provide here is public.

Kootenay Ride Share is another option for finding and offering rides to and from the surrounding area (Nelson, Creston, etc).

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GetAshram, British ColumbiaDancing Bear Hostel, New Mexico12020-06-30Hello, I'm heading to Nelson at noon today. Ill be staying at the Dancing Bear hostel tonight. I'm supposed to arrive at the ashraml tomorrow afternoon but my original ride fell through due to travel delays getting to the Kootenays. Is ANYONE going to the Astral on Saturday? I now have a Nelson phone # 778 962 0555. Many thanks! rambingrrl@yahoo.caJoanne Babiak
GetYasodhara Ashram, British ColumbiaCastlegar, British Columbia12019-08-06 anne craig
GetYasodhara Ashram, British ColumbiaVictoria, British Columbia12019-05-28Hello :) I'm looking for a ride from Victoria, or anywhere between here and the Ashram that would be a convenient pick-up location for you. If I can't find a drive, I will be booking a flight to Castlegar so please contact me if you're driving through Castlegar for the May 28th intake date! Warm thanks, KateKate
GetYasodhara Ashram, British ColumbiaCastlgar or Nelson, British Columbia12019-05-28I will be landing in Castlegar just before 12am. I can get the shuttle as far as the city center if it's easier but after that I'm a little lost and would really appreciate sharing a ride.Hazel Naughton
GetKootenay Bay, British ColumbiaCalgary, Edmonton or Vancouver, British Columbia12019-05-29Travel dates are flexible NamasteDee
GetAshram, British ColumbiaCalgary, Alberta12019-07-02My dates are fairly flexible. I'm hoping to do a Sunday or Monday arrival at the ashram. I live in Calgary. Can travel to meet within city limits. Are you heading there and maybe back around the beginning of July? Namaste. Many thanks.Adrienne
Getyasodhara Ashram, British ColumbiaNelson, British Columbia12019-06-01 Esteban Francoeur-corbeil
GetAshram, OregonVancouver or Victoria, British Columbia12019-05-26Namaste, I will be travelling from salt spring island to the ashram for the end of May and wondering if anyone may be able to offer a ride - I can meet in Victoria , Vancouver, or another convenient location - lightMika
GetAshram, British ColumbiaOregon, Oregon12019-05-28I am currently in Oregon, and I will need to be at the Ashram on May 28th. I will travel to meet someone, if you can offer a ride to the Ashram on this day. Thank You :)Brit
GetYasodhara, British ColumbiaVancouver, British Columbia12019-07-18I'm doing the Hidden Language training from the 19th July so any lift from 16th-18th would be great.Clare Bateson
GetYasodhara Ashram, British ColumbiaVancouver/Island, British Columbia12019-06-06Hello, Namaste! I'm a long(ish)time Yasodhara student/teacher seeking a ride from the west coast to the ashram, ideally June 6, but ***any time in the first week of June.*** Will share cost of gas (and driving if needed). I'm also open to the idea of sharing a car rental if there are enough people needing a ride from the coast around that time. Thank you for considering!Claire Gilmore
GetCastlegar Airport, British ColumbiaAshram, British Columbia12019-05-30 Yael
GiveAshram, AlbertaBanff/Bow Valley, Alberta32019-06-25I'll be driving to the Ashram from Banff on June 25th and can give anyone from the Bow Valley (maybe even as far as Cochrane?) a ride on that date. I will need to arrive there by 2pm.Ericka