Nourishing meals – breakfast, lunch and dinner – are served in the dining room or on the deck overlooking the lake in the warmer months. Vegetarian, vegan and wheat free options are always available. Organic or naturally sourced fish and poultry are occasionally served for those who include them in their diets. Organic fruit and vegetables from our gardens and orchards are used as much as possible. We are committed to buying local and organic products and our menus are designed around what is available seasonally.

All meals are in silence.

We cannot accommodate all special dietary needs, although we do our best. There is a fridge and cupboard space for guest use. An ingredient list is posted at each meal for those concerned with food sensitivities. Please include your dietary needs on your registration form.

If you have severe allergies, it is essential to check with us prior to registering. Please see Medical Considerations for more information.

As a guest, all meals are included in your fees.


We have two primary guest lodges – The Barn and Saraswati Lodge – plus a number of other residences that house short and long-term residents.

There are separate women and men’s residences.

We have a limited number of options available for the elderly or people with mobility issues. Please contact the office if you have special accommodations needs.

Accommodation options for courses and retreats include single rooms and double rooms (for partners or family members) and a limited number of ensuites.

Inquire about the possibility of staying in one of our tents. And we are sorry, we cannot accommodate pets.