Yasodhara Ashram is a sacred place that supports an inward process of spiritual development.

As part of our community, we ask that you follow the daily schedule, including attendance at morning practices, meals and evening satsang. We also ask that you stay on the property for the duration of your stay, which will help you get the most out of your time here. Being on a closed retreat allows for the integrity of the experience to be maintained. If it becomes necessary to leave at any time due to unforeseen circumstances, you will be asked to notify the office in writing.

Medical Considerations and Emergencies
Ashram guests are expected to take full responsibility for themselves during their stay. What we offer is not a substitute for professional, medical or psychological treatment.

Please come with valid medical insurance. As we are in an isolated area, there is limited medical care close-by. The Ashram is 1.5 hours from the nearest hospital, and 3 hours from larger hospitals with specialized services. Because of our isolated rural setting, ambulance services are not always immediately available and at best take 20-30 minutes to arrive.

We do have first aid attendants onsite and a medical clinic nearby (open five days/week and without emergency services), but our ability to respond to medical emergencies is limited. If you have a serious health condition, including severe allergies, a heart condition, or any potentially life-threatening disease, it is essential to check with us prior to registering.

Drugs and Alcohol
Recreational and illegal drugs and alcohol are not permitted while you are participating in our programs.
Yasodhara Ashram is a celibate community. The residents who live here have taken vows of celibacy. We ask all guests to please observe this tapas (austerity). It is an opportunity to observe your physical and mental habits and examine the role of sex in your life. Many people have commented that this short-term restraint allowed their energy to be refocused. It also helps create an open, safe atmosphere in the Ashram.

At the Ashram you have the opportunity to look inward and develop a solid foundation for yourself. Because our focus is on character building, self-reliance and emotional independence, we do not encourage developing a romantic relationship while here.

Everyone is asked to dress modestly and to refrain from entering each other’s private living spaces for the purpose of socializing.

If you do find yourself attracted towards romantic or sexual involvement with another member of the community, we ask that you consider whether or not you would like to stay at the Ashram to follow your spiritual goals or pursue this relationship outside of the Ashram. Honesty and clarity are important. Please be open and let us know, so we can support you in your next step.

If you are married or in a relationship, you are very welcome to be at the Ashram. We ask married couples to also observe celibacy while here. Families will be accommodated together or in neighbouring rooms.

We are in the wilderness, so please be aware that there is wildlife such as bears, coyotes, raccoons and skunks that share our land. Animals are not prone to look for encounters with humans. Let the office know if you see wildlife on the property. Do not stress animals by approaching them.
Our programs are for anyone interested in being in a spiritual community to develop self-knowledge and quality of life. The Ashram residents and teachers support people who want to take time away from their daily lives to learn more about themselves, their life choices and transitions. We are not, however, a place for individuals who are without a home and need a place to stay. Nor is the Ashram a place for individuals who are in transition from addiction or other mental health issues or who have serious physical issues. We do not have the resources available to support these circumstances.