Our mountain climate requires a variety of clothing: summer days can be hot and the evenings cool. Winters bring lots of snow. Rainfall is variable.

Please bring:

  • Loose fitting, modest clothing for Hatha yoga & Karma yoga
  • Outdoor work clothes
  • Indoor footwear and/or closed shoes for dish duty in the kitchen
  • Warm boots with good traction for winter
  • Modest bathing suit in the summer.
  • A flashlight and an alarm clock
  • A journal for your reflections
  • Food needed for special diets
  • Current medications and supplements (pain relief, vitamins, etc)
  • Personal supplies such as toiletries (shampoo, conditions, soap, etc) and laundry soap; laundry charges are $2/wash, $1/dryer. In consideration of others, we ask that any personal care products you bring are fragrance-free.

You may also want to bring:

  • Water bottle and/or travel mug
  • Food storage containers
  • A laptop if you would like to use one while here
  • Prayer shawl
  • Ear plugs
  • Small mirror
  • Outdoor and/or kitchen dishwashing gloves
  • Sun hat
  • Coffee/tea ($1 per cup is available)

Dress is casual except on special occasions. You may also want to dress nicely for satsangs or special events.

If you need to borrow some clothing, especially for outdoor work, visit the Ashram Boutique! Rain gear, work clothes, sun hats and other recycled clothing are available for your use.

Personal supplies that may be needed can also be purchased at our giftstore or ordered from town and picked up on our weekly town run ($5 courier fee charged).

All bedding and towels are provided.