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COVID-19 has brought our satsangs to the online world. Connect with our spiritual community as we offer bhajans, mantras and inspirational talks from The Temple of Light.

In Sanskrit, Sat = true, sanga = company, satsang is often translated as ‘in the company of the wise.’

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  • Description: Swami Lalitananda discusses the themes of waves and holding each other in the Light. As the wave of the dark season rolls in, how do we bring in the Light for ourselves, what brings us joy and calm? She also reflects upon how Swami Radhananda (Mary-Ann) is held at the Ashram with such care and love and recognizes that the job of the Ashram is to spread that love, that Light to others around the world. Join all of us and the new wave of musicians that have graced the Elastic Band as they offer songs of Light to uplift, to hold.

  • Swami Satyananda reveals the language of the heart as she discusses the power of Saraswati: the goddess of wisdom, speech, learning, the arts – the focus of our teachings here at the Ashram. She relates how she moved into her heart through dance and understands the delicate dance between logic and intuition which guides any creative process. She is joined by returning teachers, Francesca Cogorno and Ashley Laframboise, who speak to their experience of Saraswati through mantra, dance and poetry. The expanded Elastic Band plays again the wonderful songs of Saraswati and more. Find the words in the Temple Songbook so you can sing along with everyone in the Temple of Light.

  • Swami Matananda re-introduces an archival video with Swami Radhananda, successor to Swami Radha and our president for 20 years. A key message is: Pressure creates a polished diamond. Swami Matananda explores how this time of added pressure during COVID can be a way of realizing your human potential. She relates a sweet story of being referred to as a ‘diamond in the rough’ by Swami Radha and how to this day she continues to uncover the essential part of herself that shines. How are you polishing your inner diamond?

Symbolism and Ritual at Satsang

A central flame sits on the altar in the Temple as a reminder of the Light in each of us and in all forms of the Divine.

Aarti is an ancient ritual honouring the Divine. A single light, or collection of lights is blessed at the altar, then brought to each person, and is symbolic of the purification of the mind and senses.

Mantra is chanted or recited for about 15-20 minutes at each satsang for the Prayer List. Common mantras are include Hari Om, Om Namah Sivaya, Om Tara Tutare and OM.

Bhajans are devotional songs that are interspersed throughout satsang. Some bhajans are in English, others are in Hindi or Sanskrit. A songbook provides the lyrics to all the songs.

Prasad is a sweet brought to each person at the end of satsang symbolizing the sweetness of the yogic teachings. Hold the prasad in your hand until everyone has received it. We say a prayer together before eating it.

Prayer List

The Ashram Prayer List is an important spiritual support and is open to anyone. Each evening at Satsang, Ashram residents chant healing mantras for those on the list. Please contact us ( to place your friends, family or yourself on the Prayer List. Names remain on the Prayer List for 3 months and can be renewed at that time. We ask that you request permission from those you wish to put on the Prayer List. You can also include names of people who have passed.