Bhajan Blast this Sunday December 14th
Join us this Sunday, December 14 from 2:30 – 3:30 pm MST for this joyful live-streamed event featuring devotional music, inspiring words and sacred dance. Click here on Sunday to download the lyrics, watch the broadcast and join in the live … Read more » Read more »

Yasodhara 108 raises $26,723 – Thank you!
Many thanks to all involved in raising funds for the Young Adult Program through Yasodhara 108. On behalf of all young adults who benefit from this program, thank you! You can continue to support the Ashram and the Young Adult Program here. Read more »

Yasodhara 108
Yasodhara 108 is a fundraiser in support of Yasodhara Ashram's Young Adult Program (18-30) - please join us and support this important program. Read more »

September Perspective – Issue 9, 2014
September Perspective Issue 9, 2014 Yasodhara Ashram reminds me right now of a yogini at her flexible best – stretching some people into new positions, swiftly sending others flying off to next steps while welcoming old friends into long, extended … Read more » Read more »

Join us for the Fall Harvest
Join us for our harvest! Building on the success of last year’s program, we invite you once again to come to the Ashram for this time of abundance & retreat. Read more »

“Time & Ethics” is September’s Personal Practice Theme
September marks the change of seasons, the end of summer the start of something new. This month we are focused on time and transitions, as well as exploring ethics that can carry us steadily through the various phases of our … Read more » Read more »

The Sacred Ground of Learning
Ametisse Gover-Chamlou’s first Yasodhara Ashram stay at age 18 included the 2013 Yoga Development Course and Karma Yoga. Next step was a year of Liberal Arts at Quest University near Vancouver. She returned to the Ashram for Karma Yoga and … Read more » Read more »

“Community” is August’s Personal Practice Theme
The theme for August is “Community.” This month’s theme was generated by a small group of teachers who joined the Ashram community for the summer and offer their wisdom and experience through Karma Yoga – whether teaching, organizing, cleaning or … Read more » Read more »

Swami Radhananda: Evolving Through Life Stages
Swami Radhananda recently passed on the presidency of Yasodhara Ashram and is now focused on her position as Spiritual Director. She reflects on the recent changes in her life and position. I think that with different stages of life, there … Read more » Read more »

Dancing with Change – Issue 7, 2014
Our July newsletter just came out! In it you can read about Swami Radhananda reflections on recent changes, learn more about the Temple fire, upcoming courses, and more. Read more »