Bridging Spiritual Communities

matananda-02A California Outreach excursion by Swami Matananda in May created a meaningful bridge between two spiritual communities that Robert Phelps calls home.

With ties to Swami Radha and Yasodhara Ashram dating back to 1972, Robert wanted to connect the Ashram with his current Unity Church in Tustin, California. Swami Matananda responded by offering a two-hour experiential discussion, including slide show, to 20 of his church members, followed by satsang in Robert’s home.

“The Unity churches were always open to Swami Radha in her early days of putting the Ashram on the map,” notes Swami Matananda. “As their name implies, the people are very open. They are interested and curious and seeking. I taught them the Divine Light Invocation, and they were articulate and very personal in their reflections.”

Robert comments, “The Divine Light Invocation is a golden thread that keeps me connected with the Ashram and the teachings from afar. I hope to facilitate many more visits of Yasodhara yogis and yoginis.”

Swami Matananda returned from the busy city with a fresh appreciation for the bounty of teachings and inspiration of Yasodhara Ashram.

In other outreach news, Swami Jyotihananda provided an uplifting series of workshops on Vancouver Island and Kelowna.

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