Online Art Auction

online-art-auctionJoin us for our first-ever online art auction! Thanks to the generosity of artists and craftspeople, 18 unique pieces are on offer. See the items online and start your bidding. It’s easy! If you are in the East Shore area, come by over the summer to view the gallery in Mandala House. All funds raised by August 3l will go toward rebuilding the Temple.

At the community launch on June 6, local artist and organizer Shirley Wyngaard commented, “The auction is of mutual benefit – for the artists, for the community and for the Ashram.” The art display is also part of the Kootenay Lake Art Connections 2015 Artwalk.

The following local artists contributed: painters Garry Sly (our part-time chef), Deborah Thompson, Danielle Tonossi, Ted Wallace, Shirley Wyngaard; weaver Janet Wallace, potter Lea-Rae Belcourt, woodworker John Burton, broom-maker Luke Lewis and jeweler Galadriel Rael. Ashram-connected donors are: Amy Allcock, Lindsey Curtis, Donna-Lee Elke, Shanti Peck, Swami Jyotihananda, Swami Matananda, Swami Premananda and Sara Torrie.
See the beautiful array of work and read each artist’s story by clicking on the photos. Tell your friends. Share our Facebook post. What a creative way to contribute toward construction of our new Temple!


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