Working with Trust

james-linn-02After working with the Ashram for years as a select tree faller, Riondel resident James Linn speaks of building a relationship based on mutual trust.

If I hadn’t moved down the road 16 years ago, I wouldn’t even know what an ashram is. Now the Yasodhara Ashram community and I are close friends. The energy here is good; the people are engaging and kind. I’ve seen a number of examples of the Ashram contributing locally (for example to the school’s hot lunch program and to people who are ill), which shows they know what it means to give and how that can benefit people. They’re an awesome part of our community.

My work with the trees at the Ashram has three components – fire prevention, dealing with hazardous trees, and encouraging light into some spaces. There is a lot for the Ashram to manage and be proactive about.

Often I mill the trees into lumber and beams that are used around the property. Right now, we are making benches, so the trees continue to give.

In our work together, I’ve shown that I know a little about what I’m talking about. I try to think like a tree.

(Read more on the Ashram’s sustainability and land stewardship approach on the website.)


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