Honouring the Lineage

sw-radhaOn September 7th and 8th we will celebrate Swami Radha and our Saraswati lineage. This special time also marks the 20th year since Swami Radha’s passing into Light. We hope you can join us!

In anticipation of the celebration, we offer a brief overview of this brilliant woman.

Swami Sivananda Radha (1911-1995) is the founder and spiritual inspiration for Yasodhara Ashram. A pioneer in the development of yoga in the West, her approach was distinguished by her unique ability to synthesize yogic teachings and Western psychology.

A student of Swami Sivananda of Rishikesh (whose birthday was September 8), she was initiated by him into the sacred order of sanyas (renunciation) in 1956. Her legacy of teaching is preserved by her many books and recordings. Her teachings emphasize that the Divine Light is shared among spiritual traditions, and that the path of yoga is open to all.

Swami Radha’s inspirational vision – for a Temple open to people from all spiritual traditions, a centre of Light, hope and unity – continues to guide us today. We are honouring her vision by ensuring a Temple of Light stands for future generations and Yasodhara Ashram continues to be a spiritual home to all who come. See more at temple.yasodhara.org.

If you can join us for the September 7-8 celebrations, register online, emailregistrations@yasodhara.org or call 1-800-661-8711. If you can’t be here, consider honouring the day wherever you are.


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