We invite you to stay connected to the Ashram through our monthly Personal Practice Guides.

Join in, wherever you are, by doing your own reflections on the theme or by sharing with someone you know.

Let’s create a network of Light as we deepen our understanding.

“Going Inward” is the theme for November 2015
A foundation within our yogic practice is finding stillness and going inward. Use these practices and reflections for your own benefit and with your Yasodhara Yoga students. Read more »

“On Meaning & Purpose” is the theme for October 2015
As the seasons change, take time and create space to reflect on meaning and purpose in your life. Thank you to Yasodhara Yoga Ottawa for creating this month's teaching theme. Read more »

“Rhythm” is the theme for September 2015
Life is filled with movement, rhythm, flow. Use the following reflections to deepen your understanding of this significant fact. Read more »

Relaxation is the theme for August 2015
Let the long warm days of summer draw you into relaxation. Use this time - whether you are teaching or taking a renewing break - to work with relaxation practices on your own. Read more »

“Renewing in the Light” is the theme for July 2015
We can renew in the Light any time, but with summer's long daylight, the opportunity seems extra special. Read more »

“Envisioning Your Inner Temple” is the theme for June 2015
This personal practice guide honours the unveiling of the conceptual design for the new Temple of Light. Read more »

“Communication” is the theme for May 2015
Communication occurs on many levels, internal and external, and has an all-pervading influence on the quality of our lives. Take time to consider how communication plays out for you and how you would like to enhance its role. Thanks to … Read more » Read more »

“In the Company of the Wise” is the theme for April 2015
The tradition of satsang is rich in symbolism and ritual. Use the following reflections to deepen your own engagement with satsang and to inspire your students to broaden their experience. Read more »

“Ideals” is the theme for March 2015
Determining and putting your ideals into action provides a firm foundation for your life. Start by considering what the term “ideals” means to you. Read more »

“The Power of Speech” is the theme for February 15
Where does speech lead us? Why is speech considered powerful enough to be called a goddess or "the devi"? Explore the nuances of your own power of speech with these reflections from the Yasodhara Yoga Spokane group. Read more »