“On Meaning & Purpose” is the theme for October 2015

oct-teaching-themeAs the seasons change, take time and create space to reflect on meaning and purpose in your life. Thank you to Yasodhara Yoga Ottawa for creating this month’s teaching theme.


Swami Radha gives us direction and encouragement for accumulating our spiritual capital to keep our learning alive. Listen to the audio.


  1. “The first question to be asked is, ‘What is the purpose of my life? What makes my life worth living?’ This is the beginning of self- inquiry…. Without such self-inquiry, you are subject to the authority and opinion of others – parents, friends, the mass media and so on.” (Kundalini Yoga for the West, p. 27) Choose a practice and update your response to these core questions.
  2. “When we actually begin to think of other people and do work for the joy of doing, and doing what needs to be done, there’s something that starts to happen – we are working together, for a purpose. And our work becomes meaningful.” (Living the Practice, p. 105) Reflect on what makes your work meaningful. Try bringing in an attitude of joy.
  3. “Eventually we will discover that within every human being is a radiant deity, which just has to be permitted to shine by cutting off the heads of the ego and possessiveness. Then we can unearth the real nature of the power that is already ours.” (Light and Vibration, p. 33) Sit quietly seeing yourself in a shower of Light and reflect on a radiant moment in your life. What obstructs your inner Light? What helps you to shine brightly? How do you allow your power to manifest?
  4. “Can there be knowledge without a knower? There is an interdependency between the two. That ‘something’ in us, the knower, is also the indwelling essence in the mind.” (Light and Vibration, p. 33) Repeat a mantra asking, “Who is the knower? What do I know?” Take time to listen in the silence.
  5. Move slowly into Tortoise pose (kurmasana) chanting A-U-M. Create sacred space and explore the following. “When we look at the sky we see the curvature of the horizon, like the curve of the tortoise’s shell, and we stand in awe of the flicker lights of the many stars and planets…. ‘Where is my place in the universe? What is my relationship to the cosmos? Who am I?'” (Hatha Yoga the Hidden Language, p. 156)
  6. “The color cakra plates are a visual representation of the Kundalini system. These images are like a mirror. What are you drawn to? Can you see the images as symbolic aspects of yourself? The gods and goddesses represent the intelligence of the cakra. Looking at them, can you recognize the tools they hold as effective means for dealing with the issues arising at this point in your life?” (Kundalini Yoga for the West, p. 17-18)
  7. Ask yourself, How do I stay connected to the Light in the midst of daily demands? What are the ideals I want to maintain regardless of any inner or outer challenges?

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