We invite you to stay connected to the Ashram through our monthly Personal Practice Guides.

Join in, wherever you are, by doing your own reflections on the theme or by sharing with someone you know.

Let’s create a network of Light as we deepen our understanding.

“New Year DIY (Do It Yourself) Review” is the theme for January 2015
Over the holidays, the sanyasins passed along responsibility to the many teachers here. Everyone immediately stepped forward with enthusiasm and experienced the joy of celebrating and creating meaningful rituals. Read more »

“Sound & Silence” is the theme for December 2014
Winter can draw us into silence and song. Explore the varied range of possibilities this month with reflections from the Yasodhara Yoga Ottawa group. Read more »

“Vision, Learning & Ideals” is the theme for November 2014
As Yasodhara Ashram starts planning for 2015, we want to stay inspired by focusing on Vision, Learning and Ideals. How do we bring vision, learning and ideals to life - personally and in our work and organizations? Thank you to the Yasodhara Yoga Edmonton... Read more »

“Gratitude” is the theme for October 2014
October is a golden month at the Ashram, with autumn hues enriching leaves and sky. And what is more golden and precious than gratitude? Thank you to Victoria Campbell, Elaine Ito, Charlotte Mustard and Nicolette Smith for the reflections. Read more »

“Time & Ethics” is the theme for September 2014
September marks the change of seasons, the end of summer the start of something new. This month we are focused on time and transitions, as well as exploring ethics that can carry us steadily through the various phases of our lives. Thanks to the... Read more »

“Community” is the theme for August 2014
The theme for August is "Community." This month's theme was generated by a small group of teachers who joined the Ashram community for the summer and offer their wisdom and experience through Karma Yoga... Read more »

“Yoga as Dance” is the theme for July 2014
The theme for July is "Yoga as Dance." What better time to dance for joy than in the fullness of summer? How do you become aware of the movement of the Divine in your life, and how do you respond to that dance? Thank... Read more »

“Energy” is the theme for June 2014
In June we enjoy the longest days of light. Light is the most subtle symbol of energy, and In Swami Radha's teachings we focus on filling ourselves with Light and attuning to the subtle energy that sustains life and consciousness. Read more »

“Divine Mother” is the theme for May 2014
The theme for May is "Divine Mother." Divine Mother is She whose manifestations are countless and whose worship is the total acceptance of all creation. Read more »

“Activate” is the theme for April 2014.
Swami Radhananda describes how knowledge is attained by using the will to take action. Spiritual knowledge grows into awareness of the subtle aspects of life. Read more »