“Communication” is the theme for May 2015

Communication occurs on many levels, internal and external, and has an all-pervading influence on the quality of our lives. Take time to consider how communication plays out for you and how you would like to enhance its role. Thanks to members of the Yasodhara Yoga European Network for providing these reflections.


Swami Radha encourages us to think about what having a ‘pure heart’ would mean. And what is the connection to listening to the still small voice. Listen to the audio.

  1. Do the Little Bridge pose with some of the questions suggested in the The Inner life of Asanas (p. 107): Creating bridges is a sacred activity. What bridges do you want to build? How can you make yourself a bridge of communication, understanding, service? To whom do you want to reach out?
  2. Practise the So’ham Hamsa breath for a few minutes.(Kundalini Yoga for the West, p. 217) Then bring in one or more of the following questions: When have you been touched by what someone said? When can you say that something touches your heart? What do you mean by this? What does it mean to be a friend? (Devi of Speech, p. 80)
  3. Repeat the Divine Mother Prayer 25 times. Pay special attention to hearing yourself saying the prayer. Sit in silence for a few minutes afterward, listening. Then, ask Divine Mother a question – something you need to know from Her wisdom. Listen to her reply. (Devi of Speech, p. 93)
  4. Do some warm ups for the Triangle pose. Start in the Mountain, feeling what it is to be human with this vertical axis and particular perspective. Then go into the Triangle, observing the interconnections the body makes in this pose, and reflect on ‘interdependence’. How is it active in the Triangle and in your life? How do you connect with yourself? With others and the world around you? With the Divine? (Inner Life of Asanas, p. 31)
  5. Go for a walk in nature and repeat the Divine Mother Prayer silently. Look for Her everywhere. Write a poem about Divine Mother. Describe Her as everything that is most beautiful, most perfect, most forgiving – everything you desire to become yourself.
  6. In Light and Vibration (p. 66-67) Swami Radha says, “Learning to dialogue with the Light or divine being in yourself is like learning a new language, a new way of communication.” How do you communicate with the Light, with the heart?
  7. “Speech has a tremendous effect on the direction of our mind and the evolution of our life. We must respect and take responsibility for what we say audibly and inaudibly. By refining our speech we can also open to a sacred potential beyond speech, the gift of the Devi, the knowing of the heart.” (Living the Practice, p. 187-8) Take a specific period of time, for example, a week, to observe the effect of speech in your mind and in your life. Summarize your learning and make reminder notes for yourself.
  8. Practice a mantra of your choice and reflect on the connection between speech and self-image. How would you describe yourself? What words would you use? Compare them to the words you would use for Divine Mother. How do you feel about your self-image? Can you nourish a new image? (Devi of Speech p. 59)

May reflections were prepared by Jovita Oliveira, Elizabeth Taylor, Jacqueline Summer, James Ward, Danuta Karpinska and Carol Lucis of the Yasodhara Yoga European Network.

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