“In the Company of the Wise” is the theme for April 2015

candle-light-temple-01_smThe tradition of satsang is rich in symbolism and ritual. Use the following reflections to deepen your own engagement with satsang and to inspire your students to broaden their experience. Thank you to the Yasodhara Yoga Nanaimo group for preparing this month’s theme.


Swami Radha reminds us that there are many paths to the Truth and each of us must carry the Light of our Hearts and build our own unique Cathedral of Consciousness. Listen to the audio.

  1. Satsang is an opportunity to come together as a community or group to learn together, support each other and live in harmony. How do you support your sangha? What does it mean to live in harmony? What is required?
  2. Satsang means “In the Company of the Wise.” How do you listen to the wisdom that is in and all around you? We can create space to be in satsang all the time. Take a walk; look and listen for wisdom to speak. Or come to a relaxed and centred place using the 4-4 breath; become quiet and still. Bring a question or concern to mind and ask for understanding. Record what you hear.
  3. What does it mean to be devotional? What are you devoted to? How do you express your devotion? What is the true purpose of devotion? Do the Divine Light Invocation, then sit in the Lotus Pose; how does this asana speak to you of devotion? (Hatha Yoga: The Hidden Language, page 131)
  4. Which part of satsang inspires you, touches you? There are many parts – bhajans, opening prayer, aarti, chanting a mantra for the prayer list, the inspirational talk, prasad, pranaming before the altar. Reflect on the significance to you of one or more parts.
  5. Satsang at the Ashram starts with an opening prayer. Read the Universal Prayer or the Prayer to the Divine Mother of the Universe. Find a line or two that speaks to you in some way or that you want to explore further. Take the line into mantra, the Divine Light Invocation or Hatha practice. What do you hear in your voice, from the Light, from your body? Download the opening prayers here.
  6. Swami Radha talked about our “Cathedral of Consciousness.” What does this mean to you? Draw your cathedral of consciousness, reflecting on what your drawing is telling you. Enter your cathedral. What do you see, what do you hear?
  7. “Take time to think, to reflect. This is your time to be holy… It was my periods of thinking, of reflecting, that kept me balanced.” (Time to be Holy, introduction ivx) Take a concern or question to satsang or into your own time of practise. Create an attitude of receptivity and ask for understanding. Record what comes in response.
  8. Satsang develops our finer feelings. Choose one or more of the following words, or choose one of your own. With your word(s) in mind, practise “I am functioning from my centre,” or do a heart opening pose such as the Fish or Bow.
    gratitude trust faith humility sincerity devotion
    compassion love worship surrender peace prayer
    harmony acceptance truth selfless service

April reflections were prepared by Shanti Peck, Tanis Dagert, Kix Citton and Neil Dolan of Yasodhara Yoga Nanaimo.

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