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“Five Senses and the Mind” is the Teaching Theme for September 2016
As the hot summer days of August begin to transition to the early fall days of September, the Yasodhara Yoga Ladner teachers, Kali (Irene Scarth), Bhakti (Elizabeth Quinn) and Moira Izatt, invite us to reflect on our five senses and … Read more » Read more »

“Mind as a Sacred Vessel” is the Teaching Theme for August 2016
For the month of August, the Ottawa Yasodhara Yoga Teacher group invites us to explore the mind as a sacred vessel. Dive into this exploration of the mind, inspired by Swami Radha’s words (from a talk about creativity): Lots of … Read more » Read more »

“Growth and Blooming” is the Teaching Theme for July 2016
Yasodhara Yoga Cranbrook teachers inspire us with the July theme of “Growth and Blooming” to pursue the “desire to develop potential and rise above limitations.” (Living the Practice, Swami Radhananda, p 30) Read more »

“Visualization” is the Teaching Theme for June 2016
June’s teaching theme of “Visualization” was developed by Carol Putnam and Silver Frith, Yasodhara Yoga Teachers in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Their reflections were shaped by these thoughts from Swami Radha’s Kundalini Yoga for the West: Read more »

“Transitions” is the Theme for May 2016
Experience how yoga can support you in times of ending and beginning, change and transition with the following practices and reflections. Read more »

“Gratitude” is the Theme for April 2016
Experience the gift of gratitude through the following reflections. Read more »

“Creation” is the Teaching Theme for March 2016
The Yasodhara Yoga Teachers in the Comox Valley have provided the reflections for the March Teaching Theme. Many thanks to Arlene Trustham, Susan Taylor, Claire Gilmore, Debb Morrison, Eriko Miyao and Sylvia Boss for these questions and practices. Read more »

“Focus” is the Teaching Theme for February 2016
Juniper Glass, Yasodhara Yoga Montreal, offers the February Teaching Theme – Focus. She writes: “To me the cold of winter is a support to going inward and thinking more deeply about purpose. There are usually fewer distractions than during the warm seasons, which also... Read more »

“Intentions” is the Theme for January 2016
How do you want to be in 2016? How determined are you to move towards the life you want to live? Read more »

“Mystery and the Mystical Aspects of Yoga” is the theme for December 2015
Sit with Swami Radha's message at the end of Radha's Story. "What is the purpose of your life? You ought to know. The evolution of consciousness - nothing else matters." Reflect on the purpose of your life at this point in time. Read more »