Pathways to Inspire – Newsletter Issue 6, 2019

Pathways to Inspire

Issue 6, 2019
Looking back over the year, I see that Yasodhara Ashram was full—full of progress, victories and challenges. In May with the help of consultants we looked at the Ashram as a business in the light of our past history, our future vision and our strengths and weaknesses. Together we clarified our core mission as teaching, we learned from other organizations through interviews and on-site visits, and we set our sights on succession.
As a community we understand our strong foundation in Swami Radha’s teachings and the gift of the beautiful Ashram land itself. Our 2019 stats confirm that we are furthering our mission with more people taking courses and retreats (including first-time guests), more karma yogis coming to learn and serve, and more drop-in guests and visiting retreat groups. At the same time, we are stretched with multi-tasking residents, some being elders whose time it is to step back. To maintain stability, we intentionally employed more staff than ever, which also tipped the financial scales. 
 In 2020 and the years ahead we will keep succession in mind as we experiment with inventive adaptations to encourage younger teachers to return to help teach and develop pathways to inspire karma yogis to make the Ashram home for longer periods. 
Our theme for next year is
2020: Focus Inward, Focus Forward
. We invite all of you—the committed network of friends, students and colleagues— to engage with us in envisioning the Ashram’s future. What does the Ashram mean to you? How do you see yourself contributing? We look forward to your continued support.
Thank you for your generosity and care. Light and joy for the coming season!


Community and the Art of Holding Space
Imagine yourself sitting in the very centre of the Ashram’s Temple of Light—in the centre of the Lotus. You are experiencing the sound of over a hundred and thirty beautiful voices singing in a way that touches your heart. 

The Practice of Presence and Prayer
Swami Satyananda offers a reflection on coming back to centre for this busy season.

Saying Yes!
Last Spring, Lisa Sars made a promise. “When the choirs come in the fall, I will come and help out.” And that is exactly what she did.

When a Search Goes Higher
Sometimes the thing we are searching for is not necessarily what the Divine has in mind for us. As many of the young people that come to the Ashram have experienced, they find something different and perhaps deeper than their original quest.

Featured Programs

10 Day Yoga Journey
Plan for 2020!
Reflect Reconnect Renew
  • Heal your mind and body
  • Access your inner wisdom
  • Navigate life transitions

Program Calendar 2020
Invest in yourself in the coming year!
Explore all the possibilities to accommodate you. Whether it be a weekend or 5-10 day retreat or Karma Yoga stays, we invite you to your inner world!

Equinox Retreat
Mar 20-23
Celebrate this special time of equal day and night, by reflecting on balance. Balancing daily life demands – work, relationships, family, information input – and taking care of yourself can be challenging.

There are a few spots left for our
2020 Yoga Development Course
Inquire now!


News At A Glance

  • Pathways to Living and Serving in the Ashram Community – Have you had an introduction to the Ashram and want to learn more about yourself and living in community? We welcome longer term residencies and are developing a process to help you step in.
  • Media Articles- Two articles about the Ashram and Kootenay region appeared in Go World Travel Magazine and Active Life Magazine following a visit by writers in September.
  • New Temple of Light Award – Patkau Architects have won yet another award for the Temple of Light: The Innovation award from the 2019 AFBC Architectural Awards.
  • Taste of the Ashram for Conscious Businesses – In October, we hosted our first Taste for professionals and leaders in the community who do worthwhile work within the Kootenay region.
  • Outreach – Our fall tour brought together many inspired people throughout Canada for teachings offered by four Swamis.
  • Gift Store – Looking for unique and special gifts for loved ones?
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