Saying Yes!


Last spring, Lisa Sars made a promise: “When the choirs come in the fall, I will come and help out.” And that is exactly what she did. Her next visit to the Ashram wasn’t scheduled until late June when she would be co-leading the Family Week Children’s Program for the seventh consecutive year. And the November choir date fit well with her family and work schedules.

Lisa, who completed the YDC in 2018 and took Hatha teacher certification in 2019, described her Karma Yoga stay as a real opportunity to practice being present and saying ‘yes’ to whatever needed to be done. This time it included preparing rooms, greeting choir members and showing them to their rooms, and being part of dish teams that cleaned up after 160 people at each meal!

Lisa said, “I liked being busy and also flexible. And there was such a variety of things to do!”

The high point for her was witnessing the choirs in the Temple, hearing so many young people create such joy and inspiration through their voices.  As a performer herself, she also appreciated talking with the choir directors and expressing her gratitude for the very apparent harmony in the individual and collective choirs.

Even though it was a short trip, Lisa said, “It was so 100% worth it! When I am at the Ashram, the teachings are just right there. I feel like I’m in a greenhouse, growing fast. The connection is a little harder to maintain in the city, so this boost will keep me going.”

Consider how you can come for an extended period to support the Ashram, and to be supported in your own growth. If you have already been introduced to the Ashram through participation in a variety of programs – One Month Karma Yoga, 10 Day Yoga Journey, Yoga Development course – we welcome you to return for a longer stay to deepen your learning on so many levels. Find out more at Pathways to Living and Serving in the Ashram Community and inquire anytime.


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