When A Search Goes Higher


Sometimes the thing we are searching for is not necessarily what the Divine has in mind for us. As many of the youth that come to the Ashram have experienced, they find something different and perhaps deeper than their original quest.

Hazel: I thought I really knew what I needed and had very specific questions and outcomes. You can’t choose what comes up here, it will just happen as it needs to. I am so grateful for this place. I am not the same person I was two months ago.

Tim: I thought I was looking for a spiritual place where I could get my hands dirty and contribute within a community. Immediately when I arrived, I knew this was the right place; however, there was one surprise that was waiting for me. I hadn’t put it together that the Temple was such a central part of the Ashram’s identity. I realized what I was looking for was sacred space and this took on new levels and layers for me here. It was a real gift.

Xue: I was looking for a nourishing and peaceful place in a natural setting – a place different from the city. What I discovered was the experience of looking at my patterns – behavioural, emotional and how I related to people. I can see now how it happens in me and how I can change. That is very liberating.

Each of these young adults is deepening their commitment by taking the Yoga Development Course or extending their stays in 2020.

You too can deepen your path of self-discovery at the Ashram! Check out our Karma Yoga and Retreat options for the coming year.

Watch for our upcoming fundraising campaign to support youth in the One Month Karma Yoga Program and the Yoga Development Course!


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