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The Trampled Flower Resurrection: A Story of Healing
Prologue: Once upon a time there was a gentle flower who came to be in an endless green meadow by a shimmering river between two majestic mountains. Though the flower was very beautiful, it had particularly delicate petals that could … Read more » Read more »

One Woman’s Vision
60 years ago, one woman with a determination to follow through on her promise to her teacher, found the property that was to become Yasodhara Ashram. She and a group of young men settled into the abandoned homestead – that … Read more » Read more »

Podcast #3
Our third podcast is an insightful conversation hosted by Katie Taher, this time with long time Yasodhara Yoga teacher Tara Huston. In the 70s, Tara and several other women (names you will know) started a women’s centre in Lethbridge, Alberta. … Read more » Read more »

Deconstructing and Rebuilding Inner and Outer Worlds
The snow capped mountains greet me today, inviting a call to stillness. As I look upwards to the peaks, I have a sense of lifting above the day-to-day of Ashram life—to a place that brings a bigger perspective. A place … Read more » Read more »

Podcast #2
Our second podcast is another wonderful conversation hosted by Katie Taher, this time with senior Ashram teacher Swami Satyananda. They discuss Swami Satyananda’s beginnings at the Ashram and her interactions with Swami Radha who she remembers as a fierce yet … Read more » Read more »

The Gift of Madness: offering compassion in a crazy world
“Someone I loved once gave me a box full of darkness. It took me years to understand that this, too, was a gift.” -“The Uses of Sorrow” by Mary Oliver It was a dreary June evening in Sudbury, Ontario, and … Read more » Read more »

President’s Questions As We Enter 2023
At the Ashram we focus on helping people go inward by observing their minds and asking what they want to bring to life now. Reflection and self-inquiry are encouraged. But at the same time, none of us live in a … Read more » Read more »

A Year In Review
Our Beloved Garden Our garden and orchard continued to flourish with the guidance of Stine Maria of Denmark along with the offerings of many karma yogis. Delicious meals for guests and our community bore witness to the results. Some highlights: … Read more » Read more »

A few months into the pandemic, I read an online editorial responding to requests to write more about the problems facing our world. The reply: “Our focus is not on the world that is ending, but the world that is … Read more » Read more »

Indigenous Bursary Program
Acknowledging that Yasodhara Ashram is located on the unceded territory of First Nations peoples and in the spirit of reconciliation, Yasodhara Ashram Society is awarding bursaries to Indigenous individuals interested in embracing the physical, mental/emotional and spiritual aspects of yoga. … Read more » Read more »

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