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Podcast # 9
In our first podcast of 2024, Katie Taher sits down with Swami RadhaTarananda, long-time Ashram teacher and resident. They discuss the power of movement and dance as well as Swami RadhaTarananda’s moments with Swami Radha who met and supported her … Read more » Read more »

Seeds of Possibility
How can one go further without welcoming Winter, knowing it will be cold and have an element of desolation but also sensing the beauty of this bareness? -Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee Grief into Growth During one of my darkest periods, I left … Read more » Read more »

Podcast #8
“Faith can be cultivated and increased by practicing devotion because devotion gives purification. Devotion is a selfless act. It cultivates the emotions towards sincerity, true giving and selflessness.” – Swami Radha In this episode, Katie Taher interviews Swami Lalitananda, current … Read more » Read more »

God Took Away My Hearing So I Could Hear Him More
I was born profoundly deaf, despite being an otherwise healthy baby with no medical issues or history of deafness in the family. Until I was 16 years old when I had a cochlear implant surgically inserted, my world consisted of … Read more » Read more »

Podcast #7
“Grave situations make us think more deeply about our lives and what we can do to achieve peace.” Swami Radhananda In this episode, Katie Taher interviews Swami Sukhananda, a long-time resident and teacher at the Ashram. She discusses what it … Read more » Read more »

Divine Wild
The land is calling us back. She needs us to return to her and to ourselves—our truest, wild and wisest selves. I can feel her healing heartsong, thrumming in the centre of my chest. After almost two years of traversing … Read more » Read more »

Podcast #6
Podcast #6 In this episode, Katie Taher interviews Swami Samayananda, a long-time resident and teacher at the Ashram. She discusses the difference between knowledge and wisdom. She reflects back on her relationship with Swami Radha. Samayananda had an implicit trust … Read more » Read more »

The Garden, the Practice, the Way – One Taste
Standing in the garden, lulled by the hum of insects intent on collecting nectar while they still can, I’m enjoying the soft warmth of an autumn sun. The season has clearly shifted from languid long days of summer to cool … Read more » Read more »

Meaningful Lives Episode 2
In this episode Swami Lalitananda interviews Candace Batycki, a conservation advocate for more than 30 years, specializing in protecting ecosystems for threatened and endangered wildlife, and caribou in particular. She served as the BC and Yukon Program Director for the … Read more » Read more »

Animation & Salvation – Ego Reconstitution & Redemption
While weeding the carrots last week I was amazed at the tenacity of hoary alyssum, and yet I am equally as perplexed by the intricate layers of my ego, after some serious dismantling. When I awoke paralyzed in ICU after … Read more » Read more »

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