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Learning Residencies in Food Flow, Hospitality and Grounds – Our Food Flow team has a number of Learning Residency positions starting as early as the end of March. Dive deeply into Garden, Orchard, Preserving Kitchen or Kitchen with these three … Read more » Read more »

The Practice of Presence and Prayer
Swami Satyananda offers a reflection on coming back to centre for this busy season. In the sacred dance tradition of the East, there is a simple movement which happens at the beginning and end of a prayer dance.  It is … Read more » Read more »

Community And The Art of Holding Space
Imagine yourself sitting in the very centre of the Ashram’s Temple of Light, in the centre of the lotus. You are experiencing the sound of one hundred and thirty beautiful voices singing in a way that touches your heart. It … Read more » Read more »

Power of Collaboration
I am one of the faculty at the Banff Centre in the Leadership Department and we were at the Ashram with a group of people who are social change agents working on very big issues and problems in the world. … Read more » Read more »

2020 Garden Lead
Taking a leading role in the Yasodhara Ashram Garden is an ideal opportunity for you if want to experience living within a community setting while learning the technical aspects of growing food. Located in the rural community of Kootenay Bay, … Read more » Read more »

Pathways to Inspire – Newsletter Issue 6, 2019
Pathways to Inspire Issue 6, 2019 Looking back over the year, I see that Yasodhara Ashram was full—full of progress, victories and challenges. In May with the help of consultants we looked at the Ashram as a business in the … Read more » Read more »

News At A Glance
Pathways to Living and Serving in the Ashram Community – Have you had an introduction to the Ashram and want to learn more about yourself and living in community? We welcome longer term residencies at the Ashram, ranging anywhere from … Read more » Read more »

When A Search Goes Higher
  Sometimes the thing we are searching for is not necessarily what the Divine has in mind for us. As many of the youth that come to the Ashram have experienced, they find something different and perhaps deeper than their original … Read more » Read more »

Photo of the Month – Issue 6, 2019
Be inspired with this beautiful desktop & iPhone wallpaper. Read more »

Saying Yes!
  Last spring, Lisa Sars made a promise: “When the choirs come in the fall, I will come and help out.” And that is exactly what she did. Her next visit to the Ashram wasn’t scheduled until late June when … Read more » Read more »

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