Interns: Nurturing Tomatoes Leads to YDC



Kyle Atkinson and Tamara Jackson both recently completed eight-month internships and describe their process of living and learning at the Ashram.

Tamara, a garden and accommodations intern, will be returning in January to attend the three-month Yoga Development Course (YDC). “People say the YDC is transformative and that’s what I’m looking for. I’ve gotten a good introduction through my Karma Yoga and the 10 Days of Yoga. Now I want to take the time and space to allow more to come up.

“Through my internship I gained confidence, leadership, intuition, more personal awareness. Leading teams taught me valuable people skills. And looking after the tomatoes – loving and nurturing them – reinforced strengths in me that I need to share.”

Kyle tried out the one-month Karma Yoga program before applying for an internship. From his work in the garden and woodworking shop, he learned patience, communication and work ethics.

“I noticed that as I gained more confidence, I made less mistakes, so I could see the power of my mind in that. Being here has helped me get everything in alignment. For my next steps, I have three solid options. Before, I didn’t even know I had options. I know more about what I want now.”


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