The Yoga Development Course (YDC) is a profound experience that uplifts and enriches lives. It helps you tap into your own inner wisdom through personal reflection and interaction with others. The process of coming to know yourself leads to greater freedom, insight and awareness. Have a look at our frequently asked questions.

The YDC is the most immersive offering at the Ashram, and the only course to provide complete instruction of all practices from our women-led yoga lineage. It could be your ideal next step if you are:

  • looking for a deeper sense of purpose and meaning
  • at a turning point and considering what to do next
  • in need of healing and renewal
  • seeking connection with like-minded people and with a spiritual community.

We invite you to join us from January 15th to April 15th, 2025. You can start the process by getting in touch with the YDC program advisor at the link below. You can also request a one-on-one discussion with a past YDC participant if this would support your decision.

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A Course of Historic Proportions

In 1969 Swami Radha offered the first YDC based on her own in-depth exploration of the ancient teachings of yoga. Her personal experience and understanding of mind and consciousness became the foundation of the three-month course.

  • A healthier mind and body
  • An authentic meaningful, invigorated, personal yoga practice that supports you in daily life
  • Access to your inner wisdom that allows you to make life choices with greater clarity
  • Skills for life’s changes
  • Tools to connect with more meaning, joy and relaxation
  • A sense of renewed appreciation for life
  • Clarify ideals and discover your inner potential
  • Learn from and share with others in a supportive, safe, intergenerational community
  • How to create space and deepen your self study and growth
  • Tools and practices in a setting that balances self-inquiry with group work
  • A rich lineage of teachings guided by experienced teachers
  • Authentic communication
  • To give back in a meaningful way
  • How to work and interact with others through selfless service
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All times PST/PDT.

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An Invitation from Past Participants

Graduates of the YDC speak about their experience – and invite you to join this life-changing program.


One of the most valuable experiences I have had in my life. I have never taken so much time to invest in myself and it has paid off. Physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually, I feel that I have grown.


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The Yoga Development Course provides a framework to help deepen self-understanding and expand awareness in order to move toward greater liberation. You will be immersed in a three-month seven day a week, full time, residential intensive, totaling 675 hours of class time. The course consists of a series of integrated workshops one to five days in length.

Most days begin with Hidden Language Hatha Yoga. Morning and afternoon workshops are interactive with work in large and small groups. The daily schedule includes time for reflection and personal practice. Each evening the whole community gathers for satsang. One day a week is reserved for Karma Yoga.

Being in residence during the course allows you to be fully present. We take care of daily concerns such as shopping, cleaning and food preparation—you focus on your own growth.

The emphasis in the YDC is on personal reflection. Keeping a spiritual diary and writing reflections are an integral part of each workshop. Daily and weekly written summaries are often suggested, in order to capture your insights. Several books that are on your reading list have been selected for in-depth reflection over the period of your retreat.

After the completion of the YDC, there is an optional mentored component of continuing study, in which each student has one year to complete a personalized reading list with written reflections of a total of thirty books. These reports must be completed before applying to take the Hidden Language Hatha Yoga or Kundalini Yoga and Dream Yoga Teacher Certifications.

All of our staff teachers are Yasodhara-trained, and our senior teachers are disciples of Swami Radha, each with twenty to thirty years of teaching experience. Resident sanyasis provide education program oversight and advisement during the course.

The YDC includes instruction and practice in all aspects of Yasodhara Yoga.

Most days start with Hidden Language Hatha Yoga, which combines listening to the body and reflecting on the symbolism of the asanas. This approach allows insights to gently emerge. The benefits of daily practice build over the three months, creating more freedom, strength, flexibility and relaxation in both body and mind.

The underlying structure of the YDC is based on the symbolism of the Kundalini system, with exploration of the senses, the mind and speech. Programs like Life Seals and Transitions give the unconscious an opportunity to speak directly through drawings, while Dream Yoga opens access to an inner teacher through examining the personal message of dreams. Observing the images arising from these deeper layers of mind informs us about how we’ve handled major transitions in our lives and opens options for change.

Instruction in spiritual practices such as mantra, the Divine Light Invocation, various meditation and visualization practices, silence and speech awareness are given throughout the course. These practices can clear and uplift the mind, creating a strong foundation that provides new perspectives and the courage to move toward your ideals or heart’s desire.

Study of sacred texts, such as the Bhagavad Gita and the Yoga Sutras, is approached through personal reflection on key verses, exploring what is personally meaningful and can be applied to your life now. Karma Yoga is taken out of the book and put into action, with one day a week focused on work as selfless service.

To complete each day, the whole Ashram community gathers to chant, listen to inspiring readings, and to send out positive vibrations to those in need.

Momentum builds over the three months with a rhythm that balances relaxation, movement, reflection, work, spiritual practice and study. The YDC gives time and support to take a good look at your life and tools to help you renew, heal and evolve.

Please see Our Practices for additional information on the core Yasodhara Yoga practices.

Prior to application we recommend that you take an online course or have experienced a retreat or Karma Yoga at Yasodhara Ashram. Attending classes or online offerings through a Yasodhara Yoga Centre is another option to ensure an understanding of the type of program you would be entering.

Each applicant will have an entrance interview with the Program Advisor. This process is individually tailored to take into consideration personal circumstances. We ask applicants to thoroughly explore their reasons for taking the course and what their focus would be.

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2025 Fees
YDC Pricing

Reconciliation Fund
Your stay will include a $25 contribution (added to your invoice) toward The Reconciliation Fund initiated January 1, 2022. The collected money will be donated to a First Nations non-profit organization. These contributions, together with offerings from Ashram residents, will be given with the sincere intention to help right past injustices. All who visit or live at Yasodhara Ashram are on the beautiful but unceded territory of First Nations peoples, and we want to take meaningful action and give something back for this privilege.

Indigenous Bursary Program
The bursaries (for three different programs) are open to all First Nations, Métis and Inuit peoples, with a special invitation to the Ktunaxa and Sinixt peoples on whose unceded territory the Ashram is located. To apply, please fill out this form: Bursary Application or for more information, please contact us here.

Payment Plans

After admission, a deposit is required to reserve your space. The remaining payment can be made at the beginning of the course or in three equal installments over the three months.

Bursaries for young adults 18-30 are available on application for those who have financial need and have spent time at the Ashram.

Post YDC Extended Stays

After the YDC we offer an extended-stay program for up to five months at no charge to support students in the work they have done during the YDC. The program is focused on Karma Yoga and active engagement in the Ashram community. It is designed to help students put their learning into action and develop a deeper understanding of what it means to live in a spiritual community.

Participants take part in the daily Karma Yoga, morning Hatha Yoga classes and evening satsang as well as a post-YDC weekly reflection class.

You can extend your stay after the YDC for up to 5 additional months at no extra charge, and some choose to stay even longer. This is a great opportunity to live in our community and put your learnings into action!

The focus of your extended stay will be on Karma Yoga – the yoga of selfless service. You will also receive hatha yoga classes, reflection time, evening satsangs and weekly classes with your peers.

Immediately after the YDC you can apply to take our Hatha Yoga Teacher Certification. You can also use your reflection time to work on the optional book reflection project, which is a prerequisite for consideration in both our Hidden Language and Kundalini & Dreams Teacher Trainings.

You can decide in advance to extend your stay, or make the decision while at the Ashram for the YDC. We encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity to deepen your learning and connect with our community!

The Yoga Development Course is the first prerequisite step on the path to becoming a Yasodhara certified teacher. Immediately after the YDC you can apply to take our Hatha Yoga Teacher Certification. You can also take up to a year (or more) to complete book reflections that are another prerequisite for applying for both our Hidden Language and Kundalini & Dreams Teacher Trainings. Learn more about our Teacher Training and Certification program.


Our spacious and comfortable rooms are mostly single occupancy, with some double rooms available for those coming with a family member. Most share a washroom with one other person – a limited number of ensuites are available. See the Fees tab for pricing details.

As your next step, you can get in touch with the YDC program advisor at the link below. In your message, you can request a one-on-one discussion with a past YDC participant if this would support your decision.

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