Frequently Asked Questions – Yoga Development Course

Our three-month Yoga Development Course (YDC) is a big commitment to your well-being, personal development and life as a whole.

Perhaps you are wondering whether this course is the right step for you at this time. We wanted to answer some frequently asked questions to help you make your decision.

What distinguishes Yasodhara Yoga from other kinds of yoga?

We are a women-led yoga lineage founded by Swami Radha, who studied under Swami Sivananda of Rishikesh and was one of the first western women to become a Swami. We have a strong focus on the Light and the Divine Feminine, which are much needed in today’s world.

Going far beyond yoga poses, our approach helps you tap into your own inner wisdom through personal reflection. The process of coming to know yourself leads to greater freedom, insight and awareness. Learn more about our key practices.

What makes the YDC different from other Ashram courses?

The YDC is a 3-month residential intensive, and is the most immersive offering at the Ashram. It is the only course to provide complete instruction of all of our teachings. It is a unique opportunity for personal transformation, healing and renewal. See what others are saying about the course.

Are there any pre-requisite courses I need to take before applying to the YDC? Do I need prior yoga experience?

No, anybody who feels like the course is a right fit for them can apply. You may consider taking an online class to become more familiar with our approach to yoga, but this isn’t required.

What is the schedule?

Although the YDC has a varied schedule that may not look the same day to day, this is a basic outline:

  • 7-8:45am: Hidden Language Hatha Yoga
  • 9am: Breakfast
  • 10-12:30pm: Workshop
  • 12:30pm: Lunch
  • 1-3pm: Focused Personal Reflection
  • 3-5 or 5:30pm: Workshop
  • 6pm: Dinner
  • 7:30pm: Satsang

Will I have personal time? Am I able to easily stay in touch with loved ones?

There will be personal reflection time. You can also explore our beautiful natural surroundings, have time in the prayer rooms, library or the Temple. You will be able to connect with family or friends on your own time via cell or online.

Note: The three months of the YDC provide an opportunity for you to explore your digital use, and make conscious choices about what best suits your needs.

How many people are typically in the course?

The number of participants vary from year to year but it often ranges from 15 to 25 people.

What are the accommodations like?

Our rooms are warm, clean and inviting with all the amenities to make your stay comfortable. You will have your own private accommodation unless you want to share with a family member.

Can I become a Yasodhara-trained teacher after taking the YDC?

The YDC is a prerequisite for our Teacher Training Programs. In fact, the Hatha Yoga Teacher Training takes place directly after the YDC, so you could plan to take both programs or decide while at the Ashram.

How do I start the application process?

Contact the YDC program advisor to get answers to further questions and start the application process. You can also check the YDC web page for upcoming online information session dates that you may wish to attend.