Standing meditation mountain view
The gift that keeps on giving

When I came to Yasodhara Ashram in August 2018, I didn’t know it yet, but I had already begun a journey out of a deep valley that I had, ever so slowly, descended into over the years. I thought: I will do this 10 day course, and then I’ll find my next step, and everything will be better.
Turns out, my next step was to immerse myself in the teachings, the practices and the community offered at the ashram even deeper. The YDC was only the first step, and I like to compare it to a gift that keeps unpacking. Even now, after ending up living and working at the ashram for 3.5 years, there are still moments when I suddenly realize something, or am reminded of something that came up during the three month course and think “Oh yeah, that’s different now!” (or not – and acknowledging that that’s okay too is maybe one of the most precious gifts I’ve been able to unwrap within myself).
This is a gift that I will always carry with me, no matter what else happens.

Jess Schroeter
A Life Changing Process

After a community class with one of the long-time resident swamis who had become a wise and trusted friend, we walked together to Siva parking lot. I had spoken of a deep yearning, a desire to change. “If you really mean it,” she said, “then take the YDC. This is something that changes lives.” Life conspired to open the opportunity to do this. My concepts about what it meant to make changes were soon irrelevant. Ideas about what I wanted or how I thought my life should be were so much less and incomplete in the context of what this course opened for me. One of repeated statements in my writing throughout the course was, “This is not what I thought.” The tools and practices, the integrity of these teachings and those who have committed to passing them on – these are of inestimable value in revealing what lies within. What was given, what emerged through the practices, was so very much more than I could have known from the level of my thinking mind. This is a gift that indeed changes a life.

Alanda Greene
My YDC LifeChanger

Through my 2003 YDC I gained crucial tools and a “get out of victimhood free” card that I needed to work through a lot of early trauma and continue to grow. I felt like I had come home. I was finally able to see beyond my own self created emotionally tangled forest. Step by step. The most crucial lesson was learning to own myself and my choice. The second crucial lesson was continuing to take self responsibility and cut my way out of imaginary stories I had woven as ways to cope. Straight walk thinking, the power of mantra and Light, my practice and personal reflections helped me learn to know and respect myself, to quiet my emotions and to live my life through clarity and courage. I relish the ongoing contact with my Yasodhara yoga communities, both in person and virtually, and the honest sharing among us as we each navigate our own growth. The YDC was game changing. Sign up. You will never regret it.

Deborah (Rose) Cano
Revealing the tools

The YDC taught me the tools I needed to live my life; to participate with my intuition, to listen to my values, to value my needs. Through my new-found connection to God, I am finally able to see the ladder rungs of the life I am meant to live. Through listening to intuition and my dreams, I can struggle through the suffering of my old habits, and grow. To actually grow out of negative spaces into positive ones has been one of the most wonderful things I’ve been able to do for myself.

Thank you Swami Radha and Yasodhara!

Tyler Walker
The YDC gave me ME

There are many ways to begin this testimonial; as the YDC was an absolute blessing on so many levels. I came in 2008 at the age of 30 after burning out from a fast-paced, patterned life, knowing something had to change. The YDC gave me the insights, the support, the food, the space, and so much more to truly TRANSFORM. Through the deeply profound Teachings of Swami Radha, the practices with LIGHT and the careful way Yoga is taught; I was offered a foundation that is still with me today and will be forever. My life personally and professionally is interwoven with the power of acceptance, awareness, inspiration and so much more…of which I learned during the YDC and it is continually refuelled as I connect back to other Ashram courses and visits to the community. I feel so deeply touched and ever changed by the LIGHT and LOVE available.

Margo Lee Burton
2021 YDC Experience

The YDC was a gift to myself. The time and space to work on the flexibility of my body, my mind and my spirit, in unison and balance. Finding compassion for myself and all the learning I have gone through in life. Taking ownership of my experiences and discovering gratitude for the lessons they contain. Looking at my life differently,I through a shared experience. Learning the joy of rekindling my spirit when looking at past struggles without judgements. Facing my self imposed limitations and exploring the will to extend myself. Looking at old habits and whether they serve me or hold me back. Revealing the joy in the change. All this came up for me within the three month course, in the company of like minded people from various walks of life and experiences.

Bill Monette

The YDC was my 70th birthday present to myself. I discovered YDC in 2016 when I was serving as a karma yogi and as I watched the transformation of that YDC, I was inspired. I had spent many years studying and practising yoga in all its forms but what I realized watching that class’ journey was that I had never really gotten inside of myself and answered the deeper questions of what exactly did I know from the inside out.

Our class started in January 2017 – there were 30 of us and we were very international and multi-generational. Over the course of the next 3 months we became a true spiritual family – you know, the folks we loved, the annoying ones, the incredible athletic yogis and the artists. I was so grateful for the teachings, support of staff and karma yogis. I returned the following year to serve the YDC. in 2018. No matter your age, if you have a real interest in taking yourself to the next level of spiritual and physical development then I encourage you to give serious thought to enrolling in YDC.

Karen Lanphear
YDC Reflections

I came to YDC after finishing a degree knowing I needed a balance of learning in life before going on to a Masters. What I found was a spiritual home and a place that supports me. I learned that this mind can work and create in ways I didn’t know where there, and that I can step out of survival industrial mode and into the moment of wonder. There is something to be said about spending 3 months with a wide variety of strangers, and that through daily shared truth telling and challenging social constructs of self, there is a knowing we have of one another. That we have been seen and share in our belief of being in this world in a meaningful way. What I learned is the work doesn’t stop, there is no arriving and it is done, and this is both the challenge and the gift. Warm regards universe, warm regards :)

Che Burnett
A mirror on the spiritual path

The Yoga Development Course is like no other. The Ashram’s approach is to support every person find their own unique way in life. There is no dogma, no easy answers provided – the mirror was always turned back on me. No other course I have taken allowed me to have such a deep look at myself, where I am at in my life, and where I want to go. It was a challenging and intense experience, one that has accelerated my growth and informed how I live my life ever since. I am deeply grateful for having had this life changing experience.

Dave Sullivan
Going Deep, Finding Who You Are

The YDC was a life changer for me. I arrived sight unseen in January 2016 and left with deep roots to the teachings, practices and the Ashram community. It was only after I returned home, that I realized I had found my spiritual home on earth. Moving through the YDC opened me to my blind spots and my gifts and gave me tools for deconstructing what’s not in my own best interest or the wider community’s interest.

Additionally, the YDC book reflections further immersed me in the truth of the teachings and strengthened my commitment to delve the depths of who I am through the lens of the Yasodhara teachings. What a gift Swami Radha & Radhananda gave those who find their way to the YDC!

These roots nourished me deeply during the COVID pandemic and allowed me to remain open to new understandings, learnings and to not react in fear. In fact, I deepened my ties to the “sibling hood” of the Light through online Yasodhara classes, Mantra circles, weekly Satsangs with students of Swami Radha all over the world.

Lisa Sadleir-Hart