Creating Sacred Space
Maiya Irvine spent seven months at the Ashram as a Hospitality Learning Resident. Freshly graduated from high school, she came to the Ashram from across the country to learn about herself through living in a spiritual community. She reflects on her … Read more » Read more »

learning-resident-collage yasodhara ashram
Learning Residency Positions Available
Come learn the skills you need for your life path and be part of a flourishing spiritual community. Read more »

ryan at yasodhara ashram
Nourishing a Child’s Curiosity
Ryan Koelwyn has been connected to Yasodhara Ashram since she was five years old. During the two years her father lived here, she would regularly stay for weekends and extended visits. Now living in Calgary and working on her PhD in education, Ryan talks... Read more »

One-Month Program Welcomes Family
The Gibbs-Reed family foursome entered our One Month Karma Yoga Program in October, wanting to deepen their experience of Family Week. They happily reflected together on their reception here. Read more »

A Place to Set Goals
When I told my friends and family I wanted to go abroad they didn’t understand why I wouldn’t settle down, get a job and follow a more normal path. Read more »

Fertile Learning Ground
Learning Residencies at the Ashram offer each participant the opportunity to take a leadership role in Ashram management and acquire applicable skills for the future. Read more »

Interns: Nurturing Tomatoes Leads to YDC
Kyle Atkinson and Tamara Jackson both recently completed eight-month internships and describe their process of living and learning at the Ashram. Read more »

Grounded and Balanced
Two months after joining the Ashram Internship program, Natalie Wall readily lists the advantages she’s discovered to living in spiritual community. Read more »

Choosing the Light
Chuck (Charlie) McNab recognizes the power of choice that led him out of darkness to a new life path. Living at the Ashram for more than a year as a karma yogi, he seamlessly integrates Yasodhara Yoga practices with renewed practice of his aboriginal... Read more »

Karma Yoga – Just do it!
Molly Askey-Goldsbury has a message for anyone considering the Ashram as an intern or karma yogi: “Just do it.” Molly spent seven months as a kitchen-garden intern last year and has returned to lead the garden through the 2015 season. Read more »