Creating Sacred Space
Maiya Irvine spent seven months at the Ashram as a Hospitality Learning Resident. Freshly graduated from high school, she came to the Ashram from across the country to learn about herself through living in a spiritual community. She reflects on her … Read more » Read more »

Fertile Learning Ground
Learning Residencies at the Ashram offer each participant the opportunity to take a leadership role in Ashram management and acquire applicable skills for the future. Read more »

Interns: Nurturing Tomatoes Leads to YDC
Kyle Atkinson and Tamara Jackson both recently completed eight-month internships and describe their process of living and learning at the Ashram. Read more »

Grounded and Balanced
Two months after joining the Ashram Internship program, Natalie Wall readily lists the advantages she’s discovered to living in spiritual community. Read more »

Karma Yoga – Just do it!
Molly Askey-Goldsbury has a message for anyone considering the Ashram as an intern or karma yogi: “Just do it.” Molly spent seven months as a kitchen-garden intern last year and has returned to lead the garden through the 2015 season. Read more »

Internship Program Flourishes
Internships at Yasodhara Ashram are spiritual and career/life development opportunities. This year the program expanded to include positions in accommodations, garden/orchard, grounds and kitchen/preserving kitchen. Molly Askey-Goldsbury of England liked balancing two internships – garden and kitchen – during her … Read more » Read more »

Spiraling Up Rachelle Premack
wenty-two year old Rachelle successfully applied for a Food Flow Internship and has been at the Ashram since June 2013. During a teacher’s strike at the University of Brandon, I made an important decision to apply to Katimavik’s “Eco-Citizenship and Active Living” program for... Read more »

There Are No Accidents On The Spiritual Path – Bryn Bamber
In the past year, Bryn has developed a rich relationship with Yasodhara Ashram. Starting from the Young Adult Program she moved into the Three-Month Immersion, then into the 2013 YDC, the Hatha Teacher Certification and a Food Flow Internship. Read more »