Sustaining the Ashram: Treasure Life Flour Mills in Creston
Our new Farmer Profiles Series features the local farmers who feed us and who share our passion for sustainable agriculture. Read more »

Kootenay Lake Gathering Held at the Ashram
Over a hundred people from around the region gathered at Yasodhara Ashram on October 22nd for the 4th Annual Kootenay Lake Summit, organized by the Friends of Kootenay Lake (FOKL). Read more »

Hands-On Learning
About 30 students in grades 7 to 12 from the Crawford Bay School visited the Ashram this fall for their Homesteading and Survival Skills course. Read more »

The Renewable Energy Hub: Resiliency Readiness
The Renewable Energy Hub recently purchased a Generac Propane Generator - one of several that the Ashram needs to be ready in the event of power outages. Read more »

Climate Change and The West Kootenays
On Friday, March 7th, over 100 people gathered at Yasodhara Ashram for a presentation by conservation ecologist, Greg Utzig. Greg presented root causes and implications of climate change, and then focused on the vulnerability to the changing climate of ecosystems … Read more » Read more »

Guide to Eastshore Energy Sources
  Following the publication of the Rural Alternative Energy & Resiliency Report, Fall 2013, Eva Snyder, a long time karma yogi, 2012 YDC graduate, prepared the Guide to Eastshore Energy Sources. The report and the guide are the outcome of … Read more » Read more »

Yogic Decision-Making at the Ashram
In our ongoing effort to move towards greater transparency and awareness, the Ashram has embraced a group of indicators to guide our planning and decision-making process. We're calling these the 5 P's: People (social), Purpose (why), Process (how), Planet (environmental) and Profit (economic). Read more »

Rural Alternative Energy & Resiliency Report
Energy resilience and renewable energy alternatives continue to be a primary concern on the East Shore of Kootenay Lake – a remote area vulnerable to frequent power outages and on the far end of a single line power grid. Eva … Read more » Read more »