Hands-On Learning

cb-school-visit-for-webAbout 30 students in grades 7 to 12 from the Crawford Bay School visited the Ashram this fall for their Homesteading and Survival Skills course.

Kristy Winger, the teacher for the diverse group, plans outings as varied as cheese making to first aid and bread baking to knitting. The trip to the Ashram focused on our food flow system. The students had time in the garden and preserving kitchen and a tour of the grounds.

“The premise of the course is to basically provide a lot of the skills that people love to accuse schools of not teaching,” says Kristy. “This class gets students up and moving and doing something different right in the middle of the week.”

The Crawford Bay students turned their own apples into applesauce that morning. Kristy is pleased how the students are responding to the program. “We’re so fortunate to be in a small school where we can take an idea like this and run with it,” she says.

“Experiencing a whole community of people working together for the same goals is really nice, especially for teenagers to see that level of cooperation and intentionality.”

Collaboration between the Ashram and the school also includes meditation classes for Grades 2-4 and Hatha Yoga classes for teachers, staff and parents. We’re happy to support our local community in this way!


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