Articulate Magazine: Sacred Space, the Temple of Light
The Temple o fLight was featured in the Spring/Summer 2017issue of Articulate Magazine. Read The Temple of Light below. Read more »

Yoga Scotland: Yasodhara Temple Rises from the Ashes
An article by Swami Lalitananda was included in the May, 2017 edition of Yoga Scotland. Read Yasodhara Temple Rises from the Ashes below.   Read more »

Hunting for Treasure: Crawford Bay School Children Tour the Ashram
Over 30 children from the Crawford Bay School in grades kindergarten to six came to the Ashram for two separate tours in recent weeks. Max Wong, Kayla MacDougall and Ashley Laframboise helped organize the tours. Ashley shares her experience of leading them each through... Read more »

Perspectives from Love & Healing, A Weekend of Reconciliation with Indigenous Elders
Perspectives from Love & Healing, A Weekend of Reconciliation with Indigenous Elders Read more »

Exchanging Between Cultures
About 30 students from the Nelson Waldorf School and Kugluktuk High School (KHS) in Nunavut came to the Ashram for a day-trip in April as part of a school exchange program. Read more »

In the Forest: Temple of Light Update
Swami Lalitanda describes the advancing work on the Temple of Light, set to complete in the summer of 2017. Read more »

Raine Hamilton – Musician
Classically trained musician, songwriter and performer Raine Hamilton first heard about the Ashram’s Artist and Professional Retreats from her mother, Raine explains how her experience became a touchstone for herself. Read more »

Creating Sacred Space
Maiya Irvine spent seven months at the Ashram as a Hospitality Learning Resident. Freshly graduated from high school, she came to the Ashram from across the country to learn about herself through living in a spiritual community. She reflects on her … Read more » Read more »

Lessons From the Garden: Winter Garden
by Alanda Greene I’m working at the kitchen table these days instead of upstairs at my desk. It’s winter and the house is cold, especially where I usually write. Read more »

Life As a Wave
As a teenager I was obsessed with the ocean. I had daydreams of escaping my humdrum life in a small Canadian prairie town and strolling on warm sunset beaches with sand pressing through my toes. I wanted to sit near that swelling mass of... Read more »