Grandmother Pahan Pte San Win – Reflects on the Children Who Died at Indian Residential School.
Grandmother Pahan Pte San Win (“Grey Swan Buffalo Woman”) has been coming to Yasodhara Ashram for many years, most often with her husband, Grandfather Wanbdi Wakita (“Looking Eagle”). Together they have generously offered their love and knowledge from their traditions. … Read more » Read more »

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Yoga Journey
Journey to a healthier, renewed, more connected you with our three-week guided program. Read more »

Retreat Cabins
Nearby retreat cabins available at Yasodhara Heights for peaceful stays. Read more »

Silence The word that resonates, commemorates, permeates this space, is silence. Close your eyes and let your inner voice provide guidance. Tones that used to be tense, so relentlessly loud, anxiety ridden, full of doubt are now bright, calm and … Read more » Read more »

The Reluctant Yogi by Jamieson Child
The Reluctant Yogi by Jamieson Child “I got the idea for the Reluctant Yogi from an old comic I would doodle sometimes about a homeless guy down on his luck –– sometimes spouting wisdom, but mostly just down and out … Read more » Read more »

Join our 2022 Yoga Development Course
What we have heard again and again from our YDC participants is that it has been the greatest gift that they have given themselves. We love to listen to people’s accounts of what the three-month intensive journey has brought them. … Read more » Read more »

Read our 2020 Annual Review: Year of Resilience.
2020 was a year like no other for the whole world, including Yasodhara Ashram. Being a small and nimble organization, we were able to ride the waves of uncertainty —observing, listening and adapting as best we could. Read more… Read more »

“Whole” by Melanie Erin
Melanie is a songwriter and singer from Toronto who is influenced by the present moment. She takes inspiration from her day or an interaction and symbolically works with what her muse brings to her through dreams, thought and feelings. She … Read more » Read more »

Paintings By Myca Palmer
“I started painting about 3 years ago, drawn to it by a deep yearning to explore myself more deeply. Self put down thoughts such as ‘I can’t draw’ ‘I’m useless’, ‘I’m past it’ became… ‘who says so’? This opened a … Read more » Read more »