Open-Handed Healing
When Chloe Davidson – a talented musician from Kelowna – came to the Ashram on an Artist Retreat, she was given a way she didn’t expect to heal from grief. Read more »

What Would a Swami Say?
We sat down with Swami Sivananda, a long-time Ashram teacher and Swami Radha disciple, to ask questions about everyday issues. He explores how reflection reveals a greater understanding of ourselves and how we deal with the world around us. Read more »

Thank you for your Generosity
The 2020 YDC has begun and because of you, our donors, six young adults are steeped in the practices and workshops. They offer their Thanks to you in the video below. And already registrations are flowing in for the February … Read more » Read more »

Spiritual Teachers Come In All Forms
Sarah Wolfenberg is an Educational Assistant at Crawford Bay School. She recognizes the importance of her many teachers at the Ashram and now has another spiritual teacher, Jasper, an eight-year-old boy with Down Syndrome whom she is honoured to assist daily. Read more »

Recipe – Chana Pulao (spiced rice and chickpeas)
Originally Published in Ascent Magazine – Thanks to Binky Holleran who was the chef and owner of Fuchsia in Montreal. Read more »

The Practice of Presence and Prayer
Swami Satyananda offers a reflection on coming back to centre for this busy season. In the sacred dance tradition of the East, there is a simple movement which happens at the beginning and end of a prayer dance.  It is … Read more » Read more »

Community And The Art of Holding Space
Imagine yourself sitting in the very centre of the Ashram’s Temple of Light, in the centre of the lotus. You are experiencing the sound of one hundred and thirty beautiful voices singing in a way that touches your heart. It … Read more » Read more »

Power of Collaboration
I am one of the faculty at the Banff Centre in the Leadership Department and we were at the Ashram with a group of people who are social change agents working on very big issues and problems in the world. … Read more » Read more »

Pathways to Inspire – Newsletter Issue 6, 2019
Pathways to Inspire Issue 6, 2019 Looking back over the year, I see that Yasodhara Ashram was full—full of progress, victories and challenges. In May with the help of consultants we looked at the Ashram as a business in the … Read more » Read more »