Saraswati with Swami Satyananda and Friends
Swami Satyananda reveals the language of the heart as she discusses the power of Saraswati: the goddess of wisdom, speech, learning, the arts – the focus of our teachings here at the Ashram. She relates how she moved into her … Read more » Read more »

Honouring the soul of Swami Vimalananda ~August 9, 2020~
Recently Swami Vimalananda’s daughter Annette felt that the time had come to return Swami Vimalananda’s ashes to her spiritual home. We held a small and intimate ceremony on August 9, to honour Swami Vimalananda and to offer her ashes to … Read more » Read more »

2019 Annual Review
President’s Message, Swami Lalitananda Our 2019 Annual Review is complete and we offer you our reflections and insights from the previous year. Looking at 2019 from the perspective of spring 2020 and the pandemic is like looking back at another … Read more » Read more »

Polishing the Diamond Satsang with Swami Matananda
Swami Matananda re-introduces an archival video with Swami Radhananda, successor to Swami Radha and our president for 20 years. A key message is: Pressure creates a polished diamond. Swami Matananda explores how this time of added pressure during COVID can … Read more » Read more »

The Light of Understanding with Swami Jyotihananda
Swami Jyotihananda lives up to her name in this Light-filled satsang! (Jyoti = light in sanskrit). Through her blend of personal stories and tributes to her guru Swami Radha, she reminds us of the power available to heal and evolve. … Read more » Read more »

Trusting In the Light – Satsang with Swami Samayananda
“The power that created us can take care of us.” Swami Samayananda shares Swami Radha’s vivid description of how establishing the Ashram in the 1960s gave her many opportunities to develop trust. She points out that building trust is a … Read more » Read more »

Online Offerings
New Autumn classes, series, retreats and Hatha Yoga for your expansion. Read more »

Retreat Cabins
Nearby retreat cabins available at Yasodhara Heights for peaceful stays. Read more »

Working in Harmony – Satsang With Swami Sukhananda
Swami Sukhananda, along with karma yogis Charline and Hazel, offers reflections and inspiration about Karma Yoga in daily life. Referring to the ancient text the Bhagavad Gita, she speaks about ahimsa (non-injury), satya (truth) and asteya (non-stealing) and how flow … Read more » Read more »

Celebrating The Light In Community – Satsang With Swami Lalitananda
Swami Lalitananda leads a ‘live satsang’ recorded in the Temple of Light. In this satsang offering – full of inspiration and diversity – Swami Lalitananda introduces you to our radiant new brahmachari Durga, to karma yogis speaking about their spiritual … Read more » Read more »