Karma Yoga – Just do it!

mollyMolly Askey-Goldsbury has a message for anyone considering the Ashram as an intern or karma yogi: “Just do it.” Molly spent seven months as a kitchen-garden intern last year and has returned to lead the garden through the 2015 season. 

“I’m excited to be here again and look forward to what will unfold. Living in a spiritual community has proven to be fertile ground for growth, both personal and professional. Being an intern gave me the time and space to explore, to question and to challenge myself. It gave me the confidence to leave the work I had back in England and to return to the supportive atmosphere here as an incubator for something new.

“It’s a unique experience at the Ashram. I’m surrounded by people who offer support with such sincerity. I get to participate in fantastic weekly workshops. Last year, I also took a course with other guests and I was just glowing afterwards. The life-long gifts I receive here are amazing.

“Karma Yoga is a revelation for me. It has changed how I see my work and the value I place in my actions. It’s a practice I will take with me wherever I go.”

Look into the many ways of being at the Ashram, including internships (currently seeking for six areas) and Karma Yoga (short-term or One Month Program).


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