forgiveness orange nested leaves
The Dynamic Process of Forgiveness
Struck by the strength of Katy’s immediate decision to forgive, I couldn’t help but be awed by her recognition of her power of choice. In a moment teeming with uncertainty and loss, Katy acknowledged her ability to decide how to respond to the tragedy. Read more »

The Peace We Build
From a distanced Western perspective, conflict in the Middle East used to feel like a confusing jumble of war that happens far away. After spending three months there witnessing the war up close it became no less confusing. Read more »

Women Holding the Earth
Yasodhara Ashram is a place where we honour the feminine – those qualities that are separate of sex, race or even gender – and invite an intersectional dialogue on what it means to be a spiritual aspirant in the world today.... Read more »

Yoga in a Changing World


Guenevere Neufeld is a writer and journalist. Her work has appeared in The Tattooed Buddha, the Concordian, Canadian Mennonite, Geez magazine and she’s been a past columnist for Elephant Journal.

Guenevere has been a Yasodhara Yoga teacher since 2011.

After completing a Graduate Diploma in Journalism at Concordia University in 2015, she has returned to Yasodhara Ashram to live, work and teach.

In her blog, she explores the intersection of yoga with important cultural issues arising in the world today such as class, sex and gender, climate change, peace and conflict, diversity and technology.