Saraswati – the goddess of knowledge, speech, art and music – is alive and well in each one of us.  The Ashram’s teachings are part of the Saraswati lineage, and our focus is to make everything we do an offering.

These art projects are a  wonderful way to connect with Saraswati, either at home or with your community. Take time to explore gratitude and devotion through art.

Relax and Create
On Friday nights before satsang, karma yogis at the Ashram are dedicating an hour to creative expression. Some people dance, others play music or create collages or draw. During this busy time of year, why not join us and find relaxation through your favourite... Read more »

Make Your Own Journal
This month's art project offers guidance on making your own journal. From sourcing materials to step-by-step assembly, access your intuitive self to transform paper and raw materials into a functional and beautiful creation. Read more »

The Autumn Rose
Roses are an ancient symbol of love and are often used in the worship of Divine Mother. Offer to rake leaves for a neighbour or collect some brilliant maple leaves on your next walk and create an Autumn Rose for your altar or as... Read more »

Mask Making
Embark on an exploration of the masks that you wear through the process of mask making. A mask hides and a mask reveals. What is the face of your mask? Each mask has a story to tell. Who are you when you wear this... Read more »

Face Painting
Face painting dates back thousands of years across many cultures and has been used for hunting, military and religious purposes as well as for signaling inclusion in a team or tribe, and in portrayal of characters in theatre and opera. In the 1980s, face... Read more »

Rose Petal Mala
A mala has 108 beads, which is considered a holy number because that is the number of Divine Mother’s names. “The mala is used to assist in counting the repetitions of the name of a Divine aspect such as Siva or Divine Mother. The... Read more »

Seed Bombs
Seed bombing is a technique of introducing vegetation to land by throwing or dropping compressed bundles of soil containing live vegetation. Often, seed bombing projects are done with local fields and rooftops. The term "seed grenade" was first used by Liz Christy in 1973... Read more »

A Different Approach To Drawing
Last fall, Swami Matananda, who has a degree in Fine Arts, picked up a book[1] that sparked her interest in taking a different approach to drawing. It all began with a fine-tipped pen, a mug and a willingness to trust. She allowed her sight... Read more »

Likhita Japa – The Written Mantra as Devotional Practice
In Mantras: Words of Power, Swami Radha describes Likhita Japa as "the written version of repeating mantra…the mantra is written down in lines like sentences, or in shapes and forms…in any design that will help to reinforce your devotions…this repetitive writing brings peace, poise... Read more »

Clay Díps
One of the ongoing art projects for the 50th Celebration is working with clay – a medium that is very alive and responsive to touch. Here is a project that anyone can do. During the Festival of Light festivities, a … Read more » Read more »