“Whole” by Melanie Erin

Melanie is a songwriter and singer from Toronto who is influenced by the present moment. She takes inspiration from her day or an interaction and symbolically works with what her muse brings to her through dreams, thought and feelings. She enjoys helping others blossom through song and making connections through music-making.

How it came about:
This song came to me at 4:30am on the morning of my 29th birthday. The day before, my Karma Yoga offering had been drilling screws into logs, putting together a structure for the chicken coop project. The resonating vibrations of the drill, the nails forcibly making their way through the log, creating holes in the log, seemed to have been drilled in my subconscious. We took a break during the day’s work to close our eyes and do a Light invocation – my first one of the season. When I opened my eyes, I remembered where I was – physically, among clear, abundant water and sunshine. But I also remember where I stood symbolically – working my way to being whole.

You can hear her wonderful music by clicking the “Play” button below.

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