The purpose of Saraswati Muse is to showcase and honour the many ways that the creative feminine force can manifest, as well as to provide content that is thoughtful and uplifting. Through this platform we aim to encourage members of our community to explore their own creativity and support them in having a voice.

Saraswati is the Goddess of knowledge, music, art and wisdom. The name Saraswati translates to “One Who Flows” in acknowledgement of the original form she took as a river in India. It is said that she transformed to that which is formless to inspire human beings in bringing forth their most creative expressions.Yasodhara Ashram is part of the Saraswati yoga lineage.

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  • Yasodhara teacher, Silver Frith has composed this new offering in honour of Swami Radhananda, Radhe Ma. Enjoy the subtle beauty of her music. Although I’ve been a songwriter all my life, time spent studying at Yasodhara has more recently inspired new chants and songs to emerge that express my unfolding devotional life. Radhe Ma was originally a chant of gratitude to Swami Radha, whose teachings have been of great benefit to me in my personal life as well as in my artistic life. This past year I’ve begun to record and publish my music, and as it happens, I was working on producing Radhe Ma during Swami Radhananda’s final decline and passing. I have deep gratitude to Swami Radhananda, for the example of her life, for her work as teacher and writer, and for her leadership as Spiritual Director of Yasodhara Ashram. I would like to dedicate this offering of Radhe Ma to Swami Radhananda, in honour of her life and work. Silver Frith – Musician and Visual Artist, YDC Participant 2011, Yasodhara Yoga Teacher, Co-Director of Yasodhara Yoga Halifax. For more of Silver’s music, visit the Youtube channel, Silver Frith, Chants & Songs of Light. Photo Credit: Joanna Bull

  • The first time I read this book it was the height of summer at the Ashram. I sat at the karma yoga entrance and devoured the words within its pages in the balmy air, smiling to everyone as they came and went. It feels very different to be reading it again, over a year later. As I sit in the armchair by the window the cold bites at my toes.

  • This song came out of my work as a music therapist with a group of adults struggling with mental illness. The word perseverance was brought forth by one member of the group after I asked if anyone had a word or phrase that felt resonant for them. As the group at the time was more interested in listening rather than actively singing or playing, I improvised a song using this theme for the members of the group. I worked with the song later and refined some of the ideas and lyrics, but most of it remains as it was that day. We had a lot of help from Saraswati! The song remained meaningful for the group as time went on, and became personally meaningful for me in my own life. Life requires perseverance to face obstacles and overcome limitations. I don’t think that any of us are without obstacles, so this is a song for all of us, for our humanity and for our courageous hearts. This song helps me to feel into my own strength and helps me put my faith in the Light and in the promise of renewal and healing. Pat Lambdin – Musician, 2020 YDC participant, long-term Ashram karma yogi and friend. For more of Pat’s music go to: Soundcloud or Bandcamp