Opening Doors – Newsletter Issue 4, 2019


Opening Doors
Issue 4, 2019
Yasodhara Ashram was born out of love, faith and commitment and these qualities continue to infuse it. When we keep the connection to the Light, we trust that That power will sustain the teachings into the future. Of course the power also includes our collective intelligence, intuition, imagination and hard work as we explore options and observe—as Swami Radha advised—which doors open. 
In this newsletter you will find highlights from our succession/strategic planning meetings. Other articles give indications that some doors are already opening as we hear from a younger generation woman stepping into her power, from social change agents appreciating the Ashram as a model and from a collaborative network director finding renewal in our professional retreat program. 
Enjoy your summer and please join us when you can. It’s a full and fruitful season here, and our doors are always open to you.
Our lead image for this issue is a painting by Garry Sly, our long-term cook of 17 years. His vibrant, insightful paintings are on display and for sale in Mandala House as part of our Kootenay Lake Art Connection Art Walk. It is titled
Beacon to Four Gateways – Oil on Canvas.
Looking Ahead
For three days in June, leaders of the Ashram were guided by Louise Pauzé of Happico in a strategic planning process, looking ahead 15-20 years to ask: How will the Ashram continue? What is essential to maintain? Can we agree to what would make a desirable future? 
The Power of Collaboration
A feeling of excitement rippled through the Ashram during the last week in June as we welcomed a
group retreat from the Banff Centre’s Leadership Program. It was an inspiring opportunity to see what the Ashram can offer to like-minded organizations working for positive change in today’s world. Cheryl Rose describes her experience.
Taking Her Space in the World
Danni Lynch, now 24, arrived from Kells, Ireland last September for our
One Month Karma Yoga Program.
She decided to register for the 2019 Yoga Development Course (YDC) and after the course, to further extend her stay. 
Rest & Renewal
Christine Lines, Executive Director of the Holistic Centres Network and Network Weaver of the Findhorn Foundation, describes her recent
Professional Renewal Retreat at the Ashram as a “wonderful offering.”
Featured Programs
10 Day Yoga Journey
Aug 15-25; Oct 10-20
Plan for 2020!
Reflect Reconnect Renew
  • Heal your mind and body
  • Access your inner wisdom
  • Navigate life transitions
Insight Through Asanas
August 12-15
This Hidden Language approach integrates reflection with the poses to promote harmony between body, mind and spirit
Transitions: Embracing Change
August 23-25
When you embrace change you will begin to see it as an opportunity for growth. This retreat will show you how to benefit from and adapt to transitions in your life.
Yoga Development Course 2020
ou will sow the seeds of transformation. You will become a student of yoga for life; your capacity to learn and grow only deepens. The beauty is that this cycle of transformation continues for the rest of your life. Yoga becomes a way of living that encourages and allows you to blossom, again and again.
News At A Glance
  • Family Week – Our annual Family Week was a great success! Just over 60 parents and children participated and the Ashram was alive with kids playing, being creative and enjoying themselves even through the many thunderstorms we had during the week.
  • Supporting Community Culture – The Ashram is participating in this year’s Columbia Basin Cultural Tour happening on August 10 and 11.
  • Anusha dance – The Yoga is Dance, Dance is Yoga weekend in July culminated in marvellous performances by Anusha Fernando and her students, including long-time Ashram dancers.
  • Strawberry Social – Our 24th Annual Strawberry Social held in June was a beautiful coming together of friends and community.
  • Fall Outreach – Finding Peace in Shifting Times: Swami Samayananda offers a series of workshops focusing on this year’s theme of Return to Centre in Ottawa and Halifax.
  • Temple of Light Award of Merit – On June 21 at a Toronto gala, Patkau Architects were recognized with an award of merit at the 2019 AZ Awards for design and architecture for buildings under 1000 square meters.
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