One-Month Program Welcomes Family

family-om-program_for-webThe Gibbs-Reed family foursome entered our One Month Karma Yoga Program in October, wanting to deepen their experience of Family Week. They happily reflected together on their reception here.

“It’s special for kids to see a community of people who are looking at a healthy way of living,” commented Randy Reed. “For our daughters, too, I wanted to come because the leadership is strong women, with a focus on the Divine Feminine.” For himself, Randy welcomed daily Hatha Yoga that helped his continued healing from avalanche injuries.

“It’s so special here,” agreed Cat Gibbs. “I always felt welcome to communicate what was needed to suit the family. We were 100% supported in that. There was such respect for our way of being and integrating as a family.

“We’ve been curious about understanding the need in the world to return to a community way of being. What works here was obvious to me in our first week – the development of those soft skills, self-reflection. If you don’t have self-awareness, it’s impossible to live in community.”

The girls – Jasmine, 11 and Samara, 8 – both considered satsang a favourite. “I really like the prasad,” said Samara of our dried fruit. Jasmine said enthusiastically that “the singing and chanting energizes me to the point where I feel I could go on forever.” They also found a special place to play in the mat room. (photo of the family was taken in the mat room)

Cat spoke of the connection within the One Month group. “The Karma Yoga program is well organized. I love the sharing circles because everyone is an oracle. Our group came together rapidly, which is a reflection of the person holding the space. The honesty was there; there were always beautiful, wise sharings.”


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