Vanessa Reid – Writer

vanessa-reidVanessa Reid works internationally in countries undergoing change and returned to Yasodhara Ashram to focus on her own Light in a Writer’s Retreat. She offers her perspective of the Ashram’s role in the world today.

Yasodhara Ashram knows how to hold people in the big transitions in their lives because there is a spiritual architecture here – both visible and invisible. It creates a strong container.

I feel held here by the deeper, unseen levels: the structure and pacing of each day, week and season. Hatha, silent meals, Karma Yoga, satsang all join my body with the collective body and with the lineage. This brings me back to myself so I can go out into the world.

We need places that have strong foundations in order to live the chaos. The Ashram has been held with such intention for so many years. It very consciously stewards a relationship between people, practice and the land, so we can be in partnership and learn with the less visible intelligences in and around us.

The Ashram practices transitions regularly and so it lives the practice over generations. This kind of learning and continuity allows the dance between the visible and the invisible to be lived in a really conscious way to inform our way forward.


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