Artist, Professional Renewal & Personal Retreats are for those who would like to be at the Ashram while working on artistic, personal or professional projects. This is a unique opportunity to experience the support of community, while maintaining a sense of privacy and focus your work requires.

Retreat to the beauty, the light and creative silence. Find the support and inspiration you need to rejuvenate your body and unleash your creative spirit.

Our Artist Retreats are meant for people working in a wide variety of arts. We encourage writers, visual artists, musicians, composers, architects, sound artists, photographers, filmmakers, poets – and anyone wanting to tap into their creative potential – to apply.

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Immerse yourself in a focused, reflective environment to revitalize yourself, and bring new focus to a project.

Our Professional Retreats are meant for people working in all fields: teachers, program developers, designers, architects, scientists, managers, health care workers, business owners, freelance consultants, chefs professionals on sabbatical, anyone working on a project or thesis – and anyone needing to de-stress and recharge.

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Needing to disconnect and reconnect with yourself?

Our Personal Retreats are meant for people looking for relaxation, refreshment and revitalization. Personal Retreats are an ideal way to get the nurturing you need. With plenty of time for meditation, contemplation and reflection, life and your purpose in it can become much clearer.

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