Baby Blessings

baby-blessingOur community shared in the joy of two babies this month when the swamis gathered to bless Edwin Elder Paquette and Lucien Bruyère French, both ten months old.

Frederic Paquette and Valerie Heffernan from Nanaimo, commented: “As new parents, knowing that Edwin is our responsibility is at times overwhelming. Having him blessed with Light by the loving swamis reminded us that there is a force greater than ourselves to guide and protect him always. It was an honour to be in the presence of Swami Radhananda and a beautiful way to celebrate the beginning of Edwin’s Light-filled life.”

Amanda French and Hugues Bruyère from Montreal expressed their gratitude: “What a gift for Lucien and for us to be blessed by people who have dedicated their lives to the Most High! We could not have wished for a more auspicious beginning to his life. A seed of Light was planted on this day!”


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