Building a Family
Reynold and Saskia Reynolds and their daughter Escher joined in Ashram life for two months this winter for a time of reconnection on many levels. Read more »

Coming Back
Rachel Johnston participated in the early days of the Youth Program (now the Young Adult Program), and recently returned to the Ashram with her two children. Read more »

Father-Son Connections in the Yoga Development Course
Robert Fincati and Christopher Starr have a unique father-son bond from shared experiences of the Ashram and the three-month Yoga Development Course (YDC). Six-year-old Christopher lived here while Robert took his YDC in 1996. They spoke together while Robert visited Christopher mid-way through his... Read more »

One-Month Program Welcomes Family
The Gibbs-Reed family foursome entered our One Month Karma Yoga Program in October, wanting to deepen their experience of Family Week. They happily reflected together on their reception here. Read more »

A Family’s Perspective on Sacred Space
The Wolska-Chaney family of Calgary regularly comes to the Ashram to refresh, grow and share. Agneiszka Wolska and Kevin Chaney along with their children Kalina (11), Tosía (10) and Emmett (6) spoke about sacred space and the Temple of Divine Light. Read more »

Coming Together with Family at a Special Place
Neermala Kavia recently gathered her family together for a reunion at her special place. Read more »

Video: Families at Yasodhara Ashram
Yasodhara Ashram has historically been a place for families. Swami Radha said early on, “I felt that young couples needed all the support and that any country’s future lies in their youth. So we ought to give something to the children and the young... Read more »

Life-long Lessons
For the Mackin family of Calgary, the Ashram serves as “a reminder and a learning” of what is important in life. Read more »

Growing into Family Life
Magdalena Angel and Andrew Fafard grew as individuals, as a couple, and as parents-to-be during their November participation in Yasodhara Ashram’s Young Adult Program (YAP). They are grateful for the good foundation they laid for their next steps. Read more »

Baby Blessings
Our community shared in the joy of two babies this month when the swamis gathered to bless Edwin Elder Paquette and Lucien Bruyère French, both ten months old. Frederic Paquette and Valerie Heffernan from Nanaimo, commented: “As new parents, knowing … Read more » Read more »