By taking the step to raise funds for the Ashram, you are choosing to make a real difference for individuals and the world.

Your efforts ensure that our intergenerational, vibrant community continues to sustain over a thousand people who come each year seeking spiritual insight, inner healing and renewal.

You know from your own experience how transformational time at Yasodhara Ashram can be. Throughout the years, fundraisers such as yourself have brought in over $100,000 to help support programming; sustainable building and projects; bursaries and educational opportunities; outreach; and modeling choices for being a resilient community.


Raising funds for the Ashram is easy.

1 Choose which Fund to Raise Money For
There are four funds to choose from: Temple Of Light & Rejuvenation Fund, Yasodhara Ashram Sustainability & Resilience Fund, Learning & Outreach Fund, and the General Fund.
2 Join as an Individual and Setup your Personal Fundraising Page
Once a fund is selected, you’ll be taken to our CanadaHelps page where you can “Join as an Individual” or “Create a Team”. Follow the easy steps and then setup your fundraising page. Make it personal and meaningful: Why are you choosing to raise funds for the Ashram? What has the Ashram meant to you? What might you offer during your fundraising effort (e.g. to do 10 Divine Light Invocations per day)? You can also add a personal goal, pictures, and some text.
3 Ask Your Friends, Family and Coworkers to Support You
After your page is up and running, you are ready to start fundraising! Reach out to your networks and invite them to support you. You can email them a link to your page, post a link on Facebook, or use another creative method that engages your friends, family and coworkers to support your fundraising effort. Your page has social media sharing buttons to help you spread the word.
4 Thank Your Donors
Lastly, although there is an automatic thank you that goes out to your donors through CanadaHelps, you may choose to also send them a personal thank you email.


A few things to remember as you start raising funds for the Ashram:

  • You can raise as much money as you’d like and as often as you’d like.
  • This fundraising approach is available to you year-round.
  • All moneys raised go to the Yasodhara Ashram Society and are allocated to the fund you choose.
  • Canadian donors are automatically sent tax receipts for their donations.
  • The minimum donation people can make is $3.00 CAD
  • We don’t yet have a US-based platform for individuals to fundraise from US donors.
  • Canadian Charity Regulations say that you can’t give a gift in return for a donation.

For more information or if you need help to get started, please contact Dan Séguin at the Ashram.




Choosing to raise funds for the Ashram can come in many forms. For example, Bryn Bamber and Francesca Cogorno both raised funds by asking family and friends to donate to the Temple in lieu of personal birthday gifts this year!

What inspiring approach will you take?