In Support of the Women’s March on Washington

In support of the Women’s March on Washington, Yasodhara Ashram will be hosting a March for Women on January 21 at 10 am MST. Ashram President Swami Lalitananda reflects on the movement’s message: #WhyIMarch 

Yasodhara Ashram offers a lineage of teachings passed through women.

Our founder is a woman.

I am a woman.

In these teachings we acknowledge the Divine Feminine as the creative power of manifestation, i.e. all of life.

We value life and encourage those who come to the Ashram to investigate their purpose in life.

The Ashram is inclusive of all spiritual traditions, genders, races, ethnicities, ages.

We understand the principle of interdependence, that the world is a village. What affects one country affects the world. We are part of the world.

The Ashram stands for freedom and equality for all people in all lands.

We stand for acceptance, unity and diversity.

We love the land, the water, the air and act on environmental principles.

This is why I choose to march in the global Women’s March on January 21. I want to take a stand for our values.

I march to the Temple of Light, which is under construction, and which symbolizes our commitment to finding our oneness in the Light, our openness to all traditions and people.

We are building hope.

I invite others to join me in this gathering and to walk together in honour of our most human values.

Take a stand for the Light in times of darkness.

Take a stand for building hope.

You are welcome to reflect on “why I march.” (#WhyIMarch)

And all are welcome to join us on January 21 at 10 am at the Ashram.

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